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Looking for Remington Youth shotgun

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....either an 870 or preferably 1100, in 20 ga. Length of pull in inches (buttpad to trigger) and barrel length (21-23") are the two most important criteria.
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There is one on under hunting and fishing
i have a rem 870 youth pump i might be interested in selling my son is about to outgrow it
Thanks for the tip.... I will look at that website. More specifically, I am in the market for 2 separate youth guns, specifically:

Remington 1100/1187 20 ga 12" length of pull/18-20" barrel (maybe 21")


Remington 870 20 ga 13" length of pull/21-23" barrel

thanks again
They make a SA-20 bantam, 13" lop, and a 24" barrel, which will pattern better than a 18" barrel. The auto will kick less too. I picked up one of these on sale for one of the boys for christmas, not a terrible price and a neat little gun. I got the model 500 super bantam with the stock spacers to adjust the LOP also for the smaller one, as well as a rifle with the same stock. I wish these guns were out 30 years ago. Remington might be making a stock spacer/takeout for the 870's now.
The 500 super bantam is 12-13" LOP, and you get a coupon for the full size stock at 50% off, for when Jr. or Jrette. gets bigger.
299 after rebate at Gander. I know we have one in LR, I have frequented it for some other purchases.
Only youth model I saw on the website, maybe they are not listed as I thought they were. :head:
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