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  1. Hēlim

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    Lane Camp Hunting Club is a QDMA hunting club in Dallas County. We are looking for five new members for our club. With five new members, dues would be $650 per family membership. If you are interested in joining or obtaining more information, you can call either of these members.
    Carl Walker 501-626-6188
    Thomas Ray 501-762-2335
    Ricky Wehunt 501-617-3061

    You can also look up our Facebook page (Lane Camp Hunting Club) to view some of our deer from past seasons.
    I have have killed at least one buck a year on this lease for as long as I can remember. I have filled both buck tags the last 3 years. Here are a few pics from the deer my dad and I have killed in the last few years.
    IMG_1092.jpg IMG_1091.jpg IMG_0585.jpg IMG_0586.jpg IMG_0662.jpg IMG_0674.jpg IMG_1093.jpg IMG_1094.jpg IMG_1101.jpg IMG_1099.jpg IMG_0710.jpg IMG_0823.jpg
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    Hey where exactly in Dallas County? Do you have any maps? How many acres? You can post back here or text me at 8708580272. Thanks.

  3. Hēlim

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    It’s in Willow. 2000 acres. I don’t have maps, but any of the officers listed above should be able to help out with that.
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    How many total members when you are full?
  5. Hēlim

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    We can hold 20. We had like 12 last year and had to pay about $1000 a piece. We are looking to get about 5 more to get it down to $650.
  6. KPHog

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    When is a good time to call?