Looking for kids bow

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  1. Helping a friend out, she wants get her 10 yr old a bow. Looking for a Browning micro midas or something similar.Any deals out there? Salem,AR
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    RAZOR_DEER Well-Known Member

    Mulehide had one for sale a month or so ago. Do a forum search and it should come up.

  3. ouachita

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    I have a Bear legend I would take $50 for. Excellent condition. Max 50# draw wieght and adjustable draw lenghts through several inches. Text 501-860-2150
  4. Sounds like a fair price. What is your location? Is bow left or right hand?
  5. ouachita

    ouachita Well-Known Member

    Right hand draw. 14" to 27" adjustable w/o a press. Max 50#. Not sure what the minimum is. I'd guess 20# and has 70% let off. Whisker Biscuit and 3 pin sight