Looking for a turkey gun for my son

Discussion in 'Turkey Hunting' started by rezeen6.5, Jan 9, 2011.

  1. rezeen6.5

    rezeen6.5 Well-Known Member

    Looking for a youth or a single shot model for my son to turkey hunt with if I can find a single shot I need to be able to scope it. Any help would be great thanks Mike Would like a 20 ga.
  2. spur

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    there is a 20 Franchi in the for sale section.

  3. 2dogs

    2dogs Well-Known Member

    How about a:


    PM me or call me for more info 501-944-5227. I bought it for my self a few years ago and decided to keep it in case my daughters wanted to try it. I asked my oldest last night and she said no. It has been shot less than 10 times. I am the original owner.
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  4. thompson

    thompson Well-Known Member

    Man, that's a good looking gun. I would definitely recommend a pump. They will use it for life, single shot will get old to them fast.
  5. rezeen6.5

    rezeen6.5 Well-Known Member

    thanks little brother

    Went by my brothers house today was telling him bout what I was thinking bout buying from 2dogs and he went to his gun safe and brought in a 20ga benelli nova and said here ya go . Me and the boys are gonna have a good season I hope. thanks everyone Mike Thanks 2dogs for helping me out
  6. dannyearl

    dannyearl New Member

    mossburg mini 510 bantam 20 ga perfect for youth 26 in long
  7. arkansas-bowhunter

    arkansas-bowhunter Well-Known Member

    mossberg sa bantum 20ga! Bought one for my 8yr old and it is awesome! It is an auto 20 and he shoots it very well!
  8. Hooked Spurs

    Hooked Spurs Well-Known Member

    What is the ball park price on that gun? Does it kick very bad?
  9. arkansas-bowhunter

    arkansas-bowhunter Well-Known Member

    I am thinking it is around $399. but it is well worth it for the little guys, all they have to think about is pulling the trigger.
  10. Hooked Spurs

    Hooked Spurs Well-Known Member

    That doesn't seem like a bad price for an automatic. Where did you buy it?
  11. 2dogs

    2dogs Well-Known Member

    Did he answer this question? I'd like to find a less felt recoil 20 gauge for my daughters to pheasant hunt with me some day.