looking for a started bay/help dog!

Discussion in 'Dogs for Sale or Trade' started by sdunn, Dec 4, 2012.

  1. sdunn

    sdunn Well-Known Member

    If you have one or know where to find one give me a call or text at 870-807-3916!
  2. mike white

    mike white Well-Known Member

    whatcha looking for?

  3. sdunn

    sdunn Well-Known Member

    Looking for something that will go with lead and not looking to pay finished dog price for it
  4. hogrunner

    hogrunner Well-Known Member

    I got a bmc gyp baying good in the pen she is 8 months old she just needs to be hunted
  5. mike white

    mike white Well-Known Member

    got a 11mth old catahoula male ,been hunted in woods,bays good in pen and woods.$200
  6. rescue_man2001

    rescue_man2001 Well-Known Member

    Did you call guy I told you about??
  7. sdunn

    sdunn Well-Known Member

    found what I was looking for thanks guys!