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Looking for a place to hog hunt

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Anyone know where my wife and I could find some piggies to stick. We would like to try and take some with our bows. Any help would be appreciated.
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do a search on this site for the name george riggan. His number will be on a previous post. I went there last Feb. and plan to go again this february. I shot my first hog with a bow there last year. It was fun but not as free range as I would have liked. It isn't easy to kill one and the hogs are wild as easily spooked but you shouldn't have a problem getting a shot at one. Let me know how it goes.
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I'm also looking for a place to hunt in south or south-central Arkansas. I'm from North Carolina (lived for a bit in Little Rock) and will be passing through this summer. This sounds like a pretty good option. Do you remember what George Riggan charges? Is his a lodge with accommodations, or just day hunting?

Any other options in the area? I'm only looking to kill one animal, as that's all I have room for in my cooler for the ride back to North Carolina.

George doesn't have a lodge, he charges $150 for each hog. About 150-200lb
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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