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Looking for a little help getting started

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Hey guys, I am interested in learning the art of trapping. It is quite an intimidating subject if you don't know anything about it. My family owns 160 acres of bayou around dewitt. The land is primarily our duck club, but it is chocked full of beaver, nutria, muskrat, and what I believe to be mink. There are also more racoons than I care to even try to shoot. One afternoon on the deer stand, I had 11 coons on my corn pile at dark. To get to the root of this, my need to get rid of the muskrats and beaver because of tree and levee damage has perked my interest in trapping. My great grandfather tried to teach me, but I was much too young to remember at this point, and he is no longer here to help now that I want to know. I would love to go out with someone to learn, or even use my property if anyone wants to trap there. At least point me in the right direction as far as educational resources. Thanks in advance.
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