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Looking for a lease

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I am looking for a lease in SW Arkansas for 3-7 hunters. We are interested in a lease from 300-1000 acres. We are flexible on acreage and number of hunters allowed. If you have a lease available or know anyone who does please let me know. My email is [email protected]. thanks
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You easiest bet would be to contact some of the local timber companies. Try Anthony Timberlands in Bearden Ark, Bean Lumber Company in Amity, Weyerhaeuser typically doesn't have any land that far south. Another option would be Resourse Management Services out of Sheridan Ar, but they are very proud of the land ($5.00 per acre). The timber companies typically don't have a lot of land open, but you can run across a good deal here and there. You might be able to pick up 300-400 acres, but large tracks are usually already leased to other hunt clubs

If you're willing to work at it, go to the county courthouse and see if you can get copies of the section maps for the county....look for parcels of the size you are looking for, and contact the owners about leasing the land. the courthouse should be able to assist with getting landowner contact info. (in satelite view) can give you a pretty good look at the land to see about cutovers and such.
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