Looking for a hunting lease in Southwest Arkansas/Hope

Discussion in 'Hunting Clubs and Leases' started by ryanh_johnson, Jan 13, 2008.

  1. ryanh_johnson

    ryanh_johnson Well-Known Member

    I'm looking for a lease to join in the Hope area if anyone happens to know of any possible openings for the upcoming year please let me know.

  2. macfly1

    macfly1 Member

    You might try Pickett Loop Hunting Club. It's 50 miles south of Hope.

  3. ryanh_johnson

    ryanh_johnson Well-Known Member

    Thanks for mentioning it, but I was looking for something hopefully a little closer. The club I'm in now is at that distance. And it appears the dues might not be going up that much as they might be dropping some land.

    Just wanting to save some miles and gas! :thumb:
  4. bps12

    bps12 Well-Known Member

    hey Ryanh, You heard of anyone killin any ducks over at bois darc
  5. blake_mhoona

    blake_mhoona Well-Known Member

    i hunted bois d arc up till i left for college. i did alright no big numbers but if you know your way around you can do well. boating in is ok but there is always a race at 4 so you can walk in earlier if you want
  6. ryanh_johnson

    ryanh_johnson Well-Known Member

    bps- i dont know many duck hunters and the ones i do know dont hunt down this way. so i have no idea whats happening down there. wish i could go down there and try it, but i dont anything about.