Looking for a good duck hunting buddy

Discussion in 'Waterfowl Hunting' started by tyhunter23, Dec 22, 2010.

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    Guys I need a good duck hunting buddy around the Texarkana area. I hunt both Arkansas and Texas mainly Arkansas. Ive got a boat and decoys, just lookin for somebody to hunt with me thats dependible and likes to hunt as much as I do. I have buddies I go with are go with me but they seem to talk more about hunting then they want to go. If intrested let me know.
  2. alkrygow

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    i know the feeling man... all my txk buddies talk about killin em, but are never knee deep in that millwood mud... i love to go, got all the gear too... buddies are too busy chasin tail and boozin til 4a and dont wanna wake up... so, that cramps my hunting trips when my retarded drunk buddies sketch me in the a.m. so, mostly its just me and my dog bc all the buddies titty boy out...

    had lots of other millwood pics to upload but its saying theyre too big... damn

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    Hey Alkrygowwhat kinda motor you got on there Mud Buddy, Go-Devil? I can't tell much about it in the pic.
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    Man I wouldnt mind hooking up with you. I have been working seven nights a week since before Thanksgiving though. I got off early tonight and off till monday and then off three days for new years and dont know what the schedule is going to be after that but if I am able to be off on the weekends I will let you know. I havent even bought my stamps this year.
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    sending you a pm w/ my number my wife says there's enough deer in the freezer she wants some ducks now i live in tx but hunt mainly in arkansas BUT i may buy a tx lisc
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