Looking for a custom home builder in NWA

Discussion in 'Campfire' started by tgooch, Jan 9, 2011.

  1. tgooch

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    This may be a shot in the dark but I'm looking for a home builder in nwa that could use some part-time help. I have always wanted to learn construction(remodeling, tile, drywall, carpentry etc) and would like to work for someone in the afternoons and weekends. I work full time already and have a great work history but no construction exp other than painting my own house. I am a quick learner though and follow direction well. I have references available on request and will supply my own tools. Will perform drug screen and background check at anytime.

    I am wanting this mainly for the experience but if the work and company take off then I would consider going full-time. If there is anyone out there that could use a good hand and doesn't mind training someone please pm me with contact info. I can also email my resume, just send me an email address. Thanks. -Tyler
  2. Ozone

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    How much are you able to pay for this training?

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    I used to work for a subcontractor out of Bentonville back in the day. The contractor was OAK home builders. If I remember right the owner was Tony Kessel. We did a lot of upper end houses in Bela Vista.
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    I think he's looking to get hired on as a helper to learn some additional skills...don't think he's looking to pay anyone to learn.

    Or maybe I read it wrong...
  5. tgooch

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    You read it right, I just want to learn some remodeling skills while working as a general laborer. If I were to be paying for this i would just go to a trade school and pay for that. But I already have a good job and go to school at the moment....not looking for much just min wage or cash..... shot in the dark:shrug: