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the more i think about the better this sounds, if you leased that timber for 10,000 and that one field that would be 15000 and if we went together that'd be between 2500-3500. and it'd all be private and we could have the choice of timber or fields. i know the wma is right there but if its anything like dave donaldson, bayou meto or st francis there is way too much pressure
It does sound like a great idea, but that is still a little rich for my blood. :smack: That's why I'm kind of looking for a lease....however, if you find some land for a little cheaper, let me know! I may be interested then. :thumb:

My wife is a nurse too and she is going back to get her masters and they told her that she better plan on not working her Sr. year so I have that to think about too. Makes it tough :smack:

I'm already in a deer club, so I cant spend a ton on a duck place too. Now if we do just a pit, I could probably so that. I would have to ask the wife of course. haha

How many people are you looking for? Is it just you? I'm looking for a 3 people. My dad, a really good friend, and myself. That's 4 right there! All we would have to find is one more for one of the 5 man pits. :thumb:
1 - 3 of 12 Posts
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