looking for a club in north east arkansas 08-09

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  1. blake_mhoona

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    i am looking for a duck hunting club in north east arkansas for the 2008-2009 season. thought i would start early so as to know how much to set aside. preferably within 2 hours or less of marion, ar lodge not a necessary but wouldn't hurt. would like to have timber and fields. price range of 1500-5000
  2. blake_mhoona

    blake_mhoona Well-Known Member

    it seems the running thing on this thread and others concerning duck clubs is that no one has openings?

  3. ArkArcher

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    You know, with all of us that are on here looking, we ought to just all go together and buy some land. :thumb:
  4. octoberbuck

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    Duck Hole

    C'mon and I'll help you fellows out.

    This 160 acres is a HOT SPOT for Duck Hunting in the Black Swamp Wildlife Area. 1/4 mile frontage on the Cache River with electricity to a 10 acres Hunting Lodge Building Site. Recorded road easement to the property thru locked gate off county road.

    The 160 acres consists of 150 acres in the WRP and DU wildlife programs with numerous flooded potholes, green timber, willow breaks, water controlled pipes.

    There is 10 acres not in the WRP and DU wildlife program that fronts on the Cache River. There is an area for a small lake or pothole in the 10 acres. Also, there is a place on the 10 acres with electricity for a Hunting Cabin. There is a place to keep your boats off the River into the property.

    Roads throughout the property to the wildlife area and used for food plots. Plenty of deer and turkey. Area for sunflowers for dove hunting. The WRP program is lifetime. There is a large water slough on the north line for water controlled. The Game and Fish Wildlife Rest Area on the East Line.
    Only $400,000:up:
  5. blake_mhoona

    blake_mhoona Well-Known Member

    i'm not real familiar with land sizes but about how many people would you recomend possibly hunting an area of this size
  6. octoberbuck

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    My guess is 10 max. if all duck hunt.
  7. ArkArcher

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    Then that's only $40,000 each! Don't think I can handle that being 25 with my wife just starting back to get her masters. Now in another 3 years when she's out of school with a new job may be a different story!.....I hope! :thumb:
  8. blake_mhoona

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    i agree with ark archer i'm soon to be married (this may) and with my fiance working as a nurse and me still in college and working part time i need something cheap hey arkarcher did you see these websites:


    you mentioned that with every one wanting a lease next year we should all team up well i'm game for it
  9. blake_mhoona

    blake_mhoona Well-Known Member

    the more i think about the better this sounds, if you leased that timber for 10,000 and that one field that would be 15000 and if we went together that'd be between 2500-3500. and it'd all be private and we could have the choice of timber or fields. i know the wma is right there but if its anything like dave donaldson, bayou meto or st francis there is way too much pressure
  10. ArkArcher

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    It does sound like a great idea, but that is still a little rich for my blood. :smack: That's why I'm kind of looking for a lease....however, if you find some land for a little cheaper, let me know! I may be interested then. :thumb:

    My wife is a nurse too and she is going back to get her masters and they told her that she better plan on not working her Sr. year so I have that to think about too. Makes it tough :smack:

    I'm already in a deer club, so I cant spend a ton on a duck place too. Now if we do just a pit, I could probably so that. I would have to ask the wife of course. haha

    How many people are you looking for? Is it just you? I'm looking for a 3 people. My dad, a really good friend, and myself. That's 4 right there! All we would have to find is one more for one of the 5 man pits. :thumb:
  11. blake_mhoona

    blake_mhoona Well-Known Member

    i could probably get one more guy that i know what is your price range for the whole group or how much per person i guess i should say
  12. cuppinducks

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    I think I just may be interested in this. My uncle is in a lease up around claypool. He and some other guys lease a pit on a rice field. I wanna say its around 3500 dollars for the 40 acre field. Something like that would be great. There are 10 people in the lease so they only pay 350 each. Sounds like a lot of people. At the beginning of the year they marked a calendar for which days they wanted to hunt. For them it worked out good because none of them could hunt a whole lot due to their work schedule. This would not work for me but if you could get like 5 or 6 people. Then if need be you could all hunt together. And everybody won't be there every weekend. I would love to go in with you guys if you don't mind.:thumb: