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A friend of mine is looking for a Small flatbottom boat. A tralior & motor would be a Plus, but not a Must..........
Are you still looking for a boat?
I've a 12' john boat, trailer and 5 Hp motor and a couple gas tanks. It sure isn't as nice as the one discussed here but I only want about half the price too. $450 firm.
You're about 85 miles from me. The tires, I'll tell you wouldn't trust them for Interstate. The bearings are good and kept greased but the tires are dry-rotting.

I'm in no hurry to sell it really. I'll likely keep an eye for some better tires, clean it up and run it for sale for a bit more in the Spring.... unless I change my mind.

PM if interested. If not, no prob.
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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