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Discussion in 'Bowhunting' started by antler3, Dec 21, 2010.

  1. antler3

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    .... so off i go. While making my way to my set-up, I cross through a small patch of woods we call the tractor road. I always look for tracks through there. Well I found Mnt. Lion tracks chasing a deer ! Needless to say I did not see one deer today :smack: . This short road connects two fields so there wasn't anyway to tell which way they went after the road. Makes me real leary of bow hunting back there now. Been several years back my daughter and I saw one about 1/2 mile from here and we have found the tracks on the mountain a few years back about couple miles from here. But now it is all fresh in mind again. What do you think the odds are that I might be in danger from it ?
  2. ozark outdoorsman

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    I'd say you have a 90% chance of being ate by the mountain lion if you go back.

  3. antler3

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    I'd go out doing what I love ... and nothing wasted either LOL !! :fit:
  4. Manybeards

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    I'm going with 99% chance of at least being attacked
  5. Razoo97

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    might ought to pack the bags an move to Beverly.
  6. THExONE

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    Give me the directions to your stand and I will go sit on it for you and make sure there is nothing bad in your woods.
  7. SR4

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    If you get ate at least we'll have proof they are in AR.
  8. antler3

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    Never thought about that. Another positive thought ... I do wish I'd of had a game camera out there.
  9. SR4

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    C'mon take one for the team!:fit: