Lonoke ducks

Discussion in 'Waterfowl Hunting' started by rusty, Jan 4, 2011.

  1. rusty

    rusty Well-Known Member

    Well we have hammered them for the past 4 weeks and now they seem to be gone.... Has any one elese seen this south of Lonoake or is our field just eaten out?? We were holding a couple hundred ducks for about 4 weeks and shot them on the weekends had that warm spell and we lost almost all our ducks..any other reports out there from this area?
  2. madduck87

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    Got three field in culler....same exact thing... was killin 10-20 every time...then all of a sudden they vanished...its the area man...its alwasy does this but the last two weeks is normally good

  3. birdman24

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    the ducks got offended and all left because you didn't spell their hometown, Lonoke correctly! :fit:
  4. rusty

    rusty Well-Known Member

    Yea just wanted to make sure it was not just us... Last year the last 2 weeks were banner!! If we only not have ducks for 2 weeks I will take it every time!! Sure was fun while it lasted! Best hunting I have seen in a while we killed over 250 ducks off of one field over the first 2 splits that was only hunting the weekends really. Got spoiled shooting 4-6 man limits and being home by 9 everyday.
  5. duck

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    Check in your deep freezers. I think thats where they are at. :cool:
  6. Murphy83

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  7. GunnerX2

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    Been same way for us. We are further south of lonoke & we were wakin em too till the the storms came through. A lot of the birds moved out but there is one particular spot in ne ar where they seem to have went too. Its on again!
  8. headhunter_60

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    I was hunting in a field on a lease around a town that starts with a E, there must have been a thousand or so teal, at first I thought it was black birds flying there were so many of them. Thick in geese and has quite a few mallards.
  9. madduck87

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    I know where you speak of.....i wanna go :whistle: