Lone Wolf Climbing Sticks FS (Little Rock) *

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    Lone wolf aluminum climbing sticks, used once. Set of 4 total. Three are the long 32 1/4" and consist of three steps. One is 17" long and consist of two steps. They stack together neatly and have a buckle strap that keeps them tight together. They won't come apart like some others when stacked together. Each individual step can be positioned to the right or left and they fold up for easy transport. IMG-20121221-00384.jpg IMG-20121221-00385.jpg All original straps are included and in perfect shape.

    First $125 gets them!

    Text or Call 501-687-7177
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    If you ever make it towards Alma and havent sold them, I'll take them.

  3. rivernut

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    Climbing sticks have been sold, thanks for the interest! Please close thread.