Logging in White River Refuge

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  1. gooddog

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    The G&F has ruined parts of Hurricane that I enjoy hunting! They whet through and cut all the big trees and left trees piled up that were not good to take to the mill. Such a wast , long needs and must be done too manage the forest . They should select cut and only cut the trees that they are going to take!

  2. mathews1012

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    I saw trucks coming out of the north and south unit 2 weekends ago at St. Charles.
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    NW AR
    I grew up down there and go back every chance that I get. My Dad hunts the North unit almost every weekend. He has said for years that they were going to put a road from Highway 1 to Clarendon. Last year they started building up the road coming in from Highway 1. This last year they started building up a road just outside Holly Grove. Turns out the 2 areas that are being logged happen to be across the river from each other. Now all they need is a bridge to complete a road right throught the heart of the refuge. This definitely needs to be stopped. It will ruin these tucked away areas.
  4. justinduke

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    What is your reasoning behind this?
  5. Chad Doolin

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    My reasoning?
    Why destroy big open hardwood bottoms that has very little undergrowth? Clear cutting it will ruin it and produce a place you couldn't belly crawl through. Re- planting it wouldn't yield trees big enough to have a canopy to kill off the briars and undergrowth in our lifetime or even your child's lifetime.
  6. REM870

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    Make the call. The area will never look the same again. Ive seen it countless times the most beatuful hardwood patches a horse could ride through at full speed now turned into nasty narly unpenetrable mess thanks to logging. These old growth areas and in my opionon all white river refuge should be free from logging. It became a refuge because thus land was slowly diminshing and someone saved it. Make the call and preserve our refuge for our kids
  7. d.bobo

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    I hate to see them cutting the refuges but they dont care what the hunters think anymore .You would think with all the tax money they are getting they wouldn't have too.
  8. justinduke

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    Not all wildlife thrives on park like conditions. Clear cutting allows sunlight to reach the forest floor providing food and cover.
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    Not all wildlife thrives on park like conditions. Clear cutting allows sunlight to reach the forest floor providing food and cover.[/QUOTE]

    You're exactly right. It may make walking through the woods more difficult but this will drastically help the deer and turkey populations.
  10. Wack it and stack it......

    The chainsaw is a the whitetail deers best friend.
  11. 4hunting

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    Exactly right, timber harvest is the wildlifes best friend. I have no problem with it being done, when it is done right. In some places I have seen it done, it was neither done right, not was it done with the original intend of the lands purpose. One area that just makes me sick to look at is what they have done to land inside of the Cache River NWR. When this was orignally bought from the landowner, it was promised to him & it also made made public in an anouncement when it was obtained, that the virgin hardwood bottomland he was selling would never be harvested. They even bragged that it was one of the few remaining tracts of un-touched hardwood bottoms in the Mississippi river flood plain. This was the only way he would sell it. So they agreed that it would remain as it was, virgin. Well so much for goverment promises, 2 years ago they went in & raped the place. Cut any & everything that had any market value to it at all. Now, what was once as they put it, so rare & in need of protecting for generations to come is turning into just another gum pole thicket.

    RAZORBACKER3 Well-Known Member

    What you describe above is terrible habitat. The only food in open hdwd bottoms are acorns and they are only around a few months. In years with poor mast crops there is very little food. Give me understory and briars anytime.
    Small clearcuts or shelterwood type silvicultural thinnings are highly desired.
  13. springgobbler

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    Agree that timber cutting is good for wildlife. Don't like clearcuts but select harvesting is great! Allows sunlight to penetrate and new vegetation to grow and provide food and shelter for wildlife. Old timber is dead timber, it looks a little prettier though.
  14. REM870

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    Its a refuge, known already as the number 1 public land in the country according to field and stream, for the oppurtunity to kill a trophy class deer. It doesnt need changing. World renowned deer and duck hunting already. Why change anything. IF it aint broke why fix it. And it aint broke. A special area that should be preserved today just as when it was purchased. This aint your south arkansas pine plantation. It the biggest stretch of bottomland hardwood forest in the mississippe valley. It aint gonna grow back, once its gone its gone.
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  15. 7 point

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    The refuge is the only place in Arkansas when virgin timbers grows, that's why it should be stopped.
  16. duck

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    I hate to see pretty woods cut anywhere but as bad as I hate to say it, it would actually do it some good. Those woods are so open down there that there is places you can almost see a quarter of a mile down through the woods. Now, I think the cutting should be limited to just a few areas to protect the game with thickets and new growth in the woods.
  17. CDay

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    The timbering of White River Refuge has nothing to do with AGFC, this is a federal decision. Also some of you think that they are timbering the whole 160,000 acres, calm down abit cut some here and there over years benifits everyone.
  18. Thats fine if all you want to do is deerhunt, some of us still coon & squirrel hunt.
  19. Chad Doolin

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    The wildlife has managed to survive in the "park like" area there since Colombus sailed the ocean to get here and does to this day. If you have seen the huge bucks and herds of deer in there as I have you would agree there is no sense fixing something that isn't broke. Besides, if there is a low acorn crop there and I've seen it happen several years ago, the wildlife seem to survive just fine, especially with crop land bordering the refuge to the East and West.

    The refuge claims that the income made off the timber sales finances the up keep of the refuge roads. And that is crap. Those roads for the most part are like a wash board.