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live from the tree

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I'm in the new loc on ...edge of wheatfied in some pines , got lots of trails around me , decoy in field 50 yards behind me ..maybe -ll get to shoot the ol smokepole at a bigun is abot 400yrds frome me in our tower atand at edge of a swamp ,pines, and uncut beanfield ....good luck to everybody else..
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I'm here in the ground blind today hoping to get a shot. Good luck!!
Just had 4 doe come in 10 yards ..kinda spooked n ran toward dad..then a single doe just appeared under me and went on same way
Good luck! I'm hanging with the family today but plan on having my bow in my hand much of next week!
Well I shot and missed a good buck ..took a shot I shouldn't have ..goin back in morn with bow
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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