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Discussion in 'Fishing' started by BKoutdoorsman, Jun 9, 2013.

  1. BKoutdoorsman

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    I've want to start trout fishing more on the little red at Ramsey landing and the new landing. I'm fairly new to trout fishing. How do you normally fish the little red? Do you drift? What baits are your favorites? do you switch it up any with current or water level change? Any tips or suggestions are appreciated!
  2. If you search the fishing forum, I bet there are several threads addressing this topic. My preferred way to fish for trout is with a fly rod. Spinning tackle is a close second. Use a good light line that is lo-vis with a light action rod 5.5' - 6 ' A couple of my favorite lures are a Rebel wee craw or a small golden Rapala Minnow. You can catch rainbows or browns on those. I am sure someone else will chime in. There are a bunch of ways to go after trout. If you don't know a lot about reading a river, I would study up on that subject. It will help you find fish.

  3. OL'Sweet River

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    Bullet weight (Carolina rigs )...14-18 inches of # 12 hook...power bait ( various colors ) or 1 white marshmellow and lastly, 1 wax worm ..hang on !!
    Oh, and you'll need one of those hook-remover guns...worth it's weight in gold. When in doubt...small crank baits....trolling w/ so easy a cave man can do it !! Recently I landed an eating size JFK !!!
  4. BowFreak

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    I will second the hook remover guns, and offer my favorite bait casting option: a segment or 2 of cocktail shrimp under a white or yellow power bait, on the same style carolina rig. White and red rivers both, I always do well with shrimp. I buy the smallest sized ones in the frozen bags, (any grocery store or wal mart freezer aisle) and 6 bucks or less will provide enough bait for several people to do a LOT of fishing. just take out a shrimp, cut off a segment or two big enough to cover the hook, and let er fling! often get bites long before it even settles.
  5. Passthrough

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    Get some 1 1/2 super duper lures and you can throw every other lure you have away. That the only lure I carry. I've been averaging about 40 trout per half day lately
  6. The hook remover gun or a good set of forceps are a must.
  7. n2deer

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    You can do it just like the guys have said earlier or you can get a $1 can of corn and catch just as many. I like using a renegade spoon but I also use the corn, caught a 4lb rainbow on corn Saturday afternoon on the white.
  8. OL'Sweet River

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    Be careful where you throw corn, the old days we caught millions on it ( Heber )...but check the G/F regs ...I'm not sure it's entirely legal up there anymore....
  9. BowFreak

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    I'm pretty sure you can still fish with it, but cannot chum with it. Can't say for certain, definitely check the regs.
  10. Passthrough

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    There are a few trophy areas where you can't use corn but they are clearly marked. Right below the dam is one of those areas
  11. clarkduck

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    No more chumming on the white
  12. Sonofslinger

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    I have always had good luck in the Little Red with spoons. Rainbow trout colored Little Cleos are my favorite.
  13. ARtreehugga

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    Sight fishing with jigs on one gen and throw countdowns or rouges on two gens. Low water plan on catching stockers on powerbait, corn, marshmallows, etc........big water=big fish
  14. rj112275

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    White egg power bait or black wooly boogers. My bread and butter. Caught 20 last week in 3 hours with the water high and fast.

  15. ArkArcher

    ArkArcher Moderator Staff Member

    White River Zig Jigs. Mustard color. Throw them out, jerk...jerk....jerk....jerk Fish will be on. ha We caught around 60 in 3 hours on Saturday doing this just drifting with the current with 1 gen running. Don't have to buy power bait this way and don't have to keep re-baiting.
  16. Dutch80

    Dutch80 Well-Known Member

    What size are you using?
  17. ArkArcher

    ArkArcher Moderator Staff Member

    1/8 oz. and the correct color of the jig is "ginger"
  18. keyman157

    keyman157 Well-Known Member

    1/32 oz jigs on 4 lb line. favorite colors are brown or black with a touch of red.
  19. Dutch80

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    You boys got me so jacked up with all this trout talk , I booked a half day trip with a guide next week for me and my daughter.... its been years since I've been and she has never been... looking forward to it...Never been out with a guide. And I rarely fished high water before either... Thanks, passthrough and arkarcher for your tips... I'll let y'all know how it went...
  20. Cache_Swamp

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    Man every time I've ever been I stood on that big round rock at JFK out in middle of river past landing and caught em till I got tired!