Little duckhunter's Thanksgiving deer

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    Parker got this doe the day after Thanksgiving. He was thrilled to get home and tell grandpa all about the hunt and although dad didn't feel up to getting out to see her I could tell he really enjoyed getting the low down from Parker. Sadly that's the last deer story we get to tell dad face to face but I promise we won't stop telling him about every deer, turkey, squirrel, duck or fish that we get or miss. I really miss him already.:frown:
  2. Good job Parker!! Duck that kids going to be bigger than you in a year or two.. Man he's growing up right in front of us..:smack:

  3. duckhunter2-2007

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    I've got him pulling his own weight now. Well sort of, that didn't last long.:biggrin:
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    Keep them pictures. Ya'll are gonna enjoy looking at them in 20 years. Congrats to the young man. That's something to be proud of right there.
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    Congratulations on a successful hunt, sure be good with some taters and gravy! Go ahead, tell your Dad all about your wildlife experiences. Some times after making a kill, I'll stop, remember my Dad, and think," How about that one, Pop", I swear I can feel him punch me in the arm and say " Nice goin' there, bub!" I think Ted Nugent's song "Fred Bear" epitomizes that feeling!:up:
  7. x2
    keep on telling your dad. I'm sure he loves listening to them. I still tell my brother about mine.
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    Thats awesome! Congratulations. We need him on team 16 instead of ole Dad. :cool:
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    Tell him congratulations for me!
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    Congratulations on your hunt. I miss my dad on hunts and he passed in 1989. Take lots of pics.
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    Those are some pretty woods where were y'all hunting in you don't mind telling