Listened to the ladies choir this morning

Discussion in 'Turkey Hunting' started by Tony Harris, Dec 27, 2010.

  1. Tony Harris

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    After a 5 mile ride to the bottoms I got to listen to a group of hens carry on for a good 30 minutes. Sure was nice to hear. A buddy said they roosted not far from him and there were 17 birds in the bunch. Thats a good sign. Been years ago but I had 40 birds roosted in the trees around my deer stand one morning in the same area. Sure hope to see that again.

    Thanks for the song girls.
  2. Hooked Spurs

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    That's awesome. It's always a highlight to get to hear turkeys calling no matter what time of year. Kind of helps deal with the pain from the bitter cold as well.

    I went out yesterday afternoon to an area I have been wanting to scout for turkeys and deer. I saw some scratching and saw a big bunch of turkeys. I got to hear a little yelping too. I will be back for more listening and looking in
    a few months.

  3. sounds like you had a lot of fun this afternoon. This will be the first year for me to chase turkey and I can not wait. I heard some last week and man it got my blood a pumping.
  4. coonnutz

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    I sure do miss hearing that sound:up:
  5. sleepy

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    I am taking my 9 year old girl bow hunting this week end. I know where a flock of hens should be and I am hoping the turkeys will put on a show for her.
  6. Hooked Spurs

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    Wait until you have one gobble at about 20 steps, and it feels like it shakes the ground. You hear him in the leaves but not sure which tree he is about to step out from behind. Talk about a rush!!! It is amazing you can hear anything over the pounding of your own heart.
  7. Guitarzan

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    Mmmm. My kind of music too my friend. The best music in the universe! :up:
  8. I can't wait I am getting pretty excited about it :biggrin:
  9. I used to see a flock of 40 turkeys come around when i was deer hunting also. I still see some but never in a group like that, not in a few years anyway. I hope i can get out and chase a turkey or two.. thinking im gunna go to the store and buy some new turkey calls and start practicing.....