Limit to start the new year

Discussion in 'Small Game and Bird Hunting' started by big_hoss, Jan 4, 2011.

  1. big_hoss

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    Only left the woods with 22, one died and fell in hole, other died in the nest and couldn't shoot him out. Three of us hunted from 7:30 to 2, and ended up with our limit. Not a bad day in the woods.


  2. Big E

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    that get my blood pumpin!!!! im ready to go!:up:

  3. cbradley

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    That's a mess of squirrels! What type of woods are you hunting? Creek bottoms? Ridges? Redoaks?
  4. big_hoss

    big_hoss Well-Known Member

    Hunting river bottoms, public ground, no ridges in sight, but the levies, otherwise flat as a pancake.
  5. gregrn43

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    When we eating?
  6. ralin

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  7. woodsnwater

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    Dang. Y'all are getting me want a dog now. I just can't afford another one. Never hunted with dogs squirrel hunting.
  8. Tink

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    Nice job there you sure did a number on them.