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  1. 16section mafia

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    I kno that the game and fish says we have lots of deer! but this yr seems like 90% of ppl I have talked to or read threads arent seeing the deer and their just not moving,IM talking bout for weeks on end!!!cam pics are way off even night pics for 2months or better.With that said does anyone think the DEER numbers are down( like lack of deer) has the 30 day deer seasons finally caught up with arkansas? deer population way down? lets hear ya'lls thoughts!!!:head:
  2. mossyhorn

    mossyhorn Well-Known Member

    theres more deer in my area than there has been in the last 20 years.

  3. hogfan280

    hogfan280 Well-Known Member

    I have seen plenty of deer here in yell county:up:
  4. caddoboy

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    I've been on private property and have seen more later in the season but very few bucks until almost november. Then bucks all over the place. I have trail camera and during october got less pictures than ever before then in november they came out of the woodwork. I think the dry weather was a big deal and the late moon phase. at mid october I would have agreed with you but not after november.
  5. Why is it that if the deer aren't living by human schedules they have all disappeared or the mean old grump with the rifle done shot them all.......

    Plain and simple answer........No ...there is no problem with the herd other then they are not living by our rules.
    People just don't think that way........they are deer and do as deer do....

    Sometimes people forget the past.......folks in the past used to make them move .....with dogs.
    Now everyone wants to sit around and wait for them.......doesn't always work huh?
  6. turkey pond bucks

    turkey pond bucks Well-Known Member

    I have hunted few days that I did not seen any deer!! That said the deer I am seeing are the same deer I have been seeing all year long.
  7. possum

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    The deer are there, just not when I am. My picture numbers haven't decreased at all, it's that now I'm getting from about 10pm-2am.
  8. pruitt76

    pruitt76 Well-Known Member

    It's about average in our neck of the woods.
  9. fisherman505

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    This has been one of the best years in my 20 years of hunting in north Arkansas. Killed an 8-pointer first week of bow season, another 8-pointer during 1st muzzle loading season and a doe last Friday (17th) which finishes me off for this season. After I got my two bucks, I had four other 8-pointers come in that were all bigger than the two I have.
    My consolation is that the four bigger bucks will grow a bit more and just be bigger next year. I will also try to be more selective and maybe try for a little horn porn instead of just meat next year.

  10. austincrutchfield

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    i have only been 4 times this year and not seen a deer. This has been my best year by far as seeing deer. Still got 2 tags left and a while more to bowhunt so i'll fill these last 2 tags before long. Still getting the same number of pics as usual just more at night than in daylight but i am starting to get some daylight pics here and there.
  11. Hudge

    Hudge Well-Known Member

    I did not kill a deer, but I can't say it's do to not seeing deer. I will say this year I have seen less bucks than I have in a long time. I think the pressure has made them go nocturnal early this year. I hunt on 3 separate properties, and only 1 have I not seen a buck on, but I have only seen 4 bucks all season. I do wish the gun season in zone 9 would be shortened for modern gun a little, and maybe add to the last ML season.
  12. Buck-Ridge

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    Seen lots of deer this year. One morning I hunted and didn't see any on the stand. I've seen as many as 22 in a day. Saw 53 during ML season and didn't hunt seriously. Lost count during gun. More buck sign and rut activity than I've ever seen.
  13. xtremebowhunter

    xtremebowhunter Well-Known Member

    I've actaully more deer this yr than ever before
  14. Still plenty of deer in my neck of the woods.. We've had 7 killed by autos in the last month within 1/4 mile of my house.. 1 ten pt., 2 sixes and 4 does and thats just the ones I've seen..
  15. I think that there are still plenty of deer. I just think that the lack of water has moved them from there regular paterns. Last year I could be picky. I could go sit in the stand for two hours and see 20+ deer in a day. Now I can go 20+ times and see a single deer, IF I AM LUCKY. I don't think it is because there is a lack of deer. I think it is because of the weather this year. Our ponds went dry and there is just nothing to keep them hanging around. :shrug:
  16. buckhorn

    buckhorn Well-Known Member

    I think the extreme dry weather pattern this summer has a lot to do with it.
    I could ride around our lease last year in January and June and could easily see 30-60 deer about any time I went. Since it has gotten dry they are not there in the numbers. They are more bunched up. Some stands you see 10-20 a sitting others very few. There are a lot of peope mentioning seeing less deer this year but I guess we will just have to see how it plays out next year.
  17. Midnight Rider

    Midnight Rider Well-Known Member

    If you look at the harvest data it seems they have been moving for quite a few people. Just saying.
  18. miketyson26

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    closed frontier...

    Arkansas has a trmendous amount of public and private hunting land. But we are a closed frontier. There are very few places that don't see pressure on deer due to hunting or homes or cars or pet dogs, etc. Our deer are under constant harassment. I know a few places on ridge tops in the Ozarks where hunters have set like religion at least 35 of the last 40 years. Guys are taking longer shots due to better optics and more reliable ammo. Black powder rifles fire 99.9% of the time now. And bow hunters can use fiber optic sights and scent lock clothing. We have the technology of the world at our disposal hunting deer these days and even then we use feed plots, cain blocks, corn feeders and scent dispersers to try and concentrate deer to our ambush sites. We set 12 to 30 feet up in trees or hidden back in charcoal lined hunting blinds. And yet this year a lot of guys didn't do well. Some did great! But the deer just aren't doing what they are supposed to do. They are avoiding our mock scrapes and cameras. They aren't standing in that wide open shooting lane we've killed a buck out of 4 years running.

    BUT WHY?

    Human encroachment? High predator numbers? Too much rain in some areas? No rain in others? Poaching? All of these reasons and a 100 more. But when you sit down and get your head wrapped around the problem its not that bad. We have to look at improving our skills and tactics. We have to better understand whats going on in the woods to be successful and thats a good thing. Next year will be better. :head: :fit: :doh: :clap:

    Miketyson26 :flag:
  19. Tony Harris

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    Saw a small buck and doe in the 45 minutes I had to hunt Firday evening. Saw a bb, a bonehead, a 5 point and one unknown Saturday am, 2 bb, 2 doe and 2 yearling doe Sunday am. I didn't get a shot at a doe Sunday because the bb chased them off. The trails around well used stands are be coming more definite now. Deer have been patterning us for 2 months. We drive to the same spot, walk the same trails, climb the same trees, spread corn on the ground and then wonder why we aren't seeing deer. They know when you arrive, when you leave, they know they can wait till dark and the feed will still be there and you won't be. I parked 1/2 mile away Sunday and walked into my stand at daylight, there was a puddle of pee in a scrape near my stand. Thats pretty fresh. It is around the turn where I can't see it from my stand. Now who has patterned who? Deer adapt quickly to our intrusion and well do what they can to avoid us.

    Case in point. I have an 8 point that I saw a couple of times in my yard up until the first ML season. He is a 4.5 year old with a nice rack, 16" wide and an 8" or so drop tine off his left side. Monday morning of the first ML season he quit coming around. I figured he got shot. Of course ML started the influx of traffic behind my house as the club started really coming and going. Guess who was back last night in my yard? He had another buck with him I haven't seen before, the 11th different buck I have seen in my yard since Oct 1st. Now how have these bucks avoided the guys that drive in past my back yard? I am sure some of the bucks have been killed. I have not seen the 5 point, either 6, the 7 or the 8. One 6 (named Bob due to his tail being half gone)was 3.5 the rest were 2.5. I haven't seen the 10 point in a week or so, since gun season ended where I live. I figure he has gone back to where he was before all this started.

    BTW the wife texted me, 6 doe in the front yard now. They learn, if we don't ....
  20. huntsteven

    huntsteven Well-Known Member

    I don't think we've seen a decline. Maybe older smarter deer??? Early season through youth weekend we were seeing more deer than we have in the last 5 years on our lease. As soon as the pressure started, they were gone for the rest of the season. Totally Game cameras showed that the deer were still there througout the entire season doing their thing. AT NIGHT. I had one camera on a scrape that had 4 different bucks working it from 6:00PM - 5:00AM. I had one picture of a deer in the daylight on that scrape. It was a really small 6 point that I only had one picture of all year. They are there. Maybe just adaptation....we get better stuff....they get smarter.