Light weight deer cart?

Discussion in 'Deer Hunting' started by ArkArcher, Jul 30, 2020.

  1. ArkArcher

    ArkArcher Moderator Staff Member

    Yall have experience with a good light weight deer cart? Did some googling and there are a lot of options, designs, weights, brands. I have an old one, but it weighs about 75 pounds probably. Haha (maybe not that much, but its a beast). Thought about scavenging it and building one out of aluminum tubing but figured it would just be easier to buy. So, lets see what yall use! Thanks
  2. arkrem870

    arkrem870 Well-Known Member

    I’d buy a plastic painters drop cloth for few bucks. Sacks for meat and a pack frame. Game carts suck. All of them

  3. scrapeline13

    scrapeline13 Well-Known Member

    IMG_0934.jpg Academy cart hauled out Josh’s deer in KS last year. Worked well.
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  4. Koyote

    Koyote Well-Known Member

    Is it easy for one small person to do and go up and down hills?
  5. Kgood01b

    Kgood01b Well-Known Member

    The best I've used is made by Rambo electric doubles as a deer cart or a trailer to pull behind a bike. It's light and pulls super easy. Price is close to $250.00 I think.
  6. scrapeline13

    scrapeline13 Well-Known Member

    Yote- When by yourself they work better on flatter ground. Uphill by yourself would be tough (depends on the hill I guess). Two people can do it easily.
    It is also good to haul your stand in and out if needed. I hauled a 6’x6’ treated plywood/2x6 frame in the woods (4x4 posts/braces as well) in KS and set it up. When Josh was younger I’d strap a two man ladder stand to it and haul in the woods for youth hunts on AGFC land.
  7. Biggars

    Biggars Well-Known Member

    Check out versacart
    Idk if he still build them and kinda high end but its a diff design. Carries the weight on the wheels well, wont tip over when you hit a rock, handle made for one or two fellers.
    If you put some good air tires with intertubes on it would be even better but run the risk of popping one I guess
  8. Useyourbow

    Useyourbow Well-Known Member

    I opt for a plastic sled. The deer cart I had was impossible to keep upright unless I was using it on a flat road. Just my $0.02
  9. ArkArcher

    ArkArcher Moderator Staff Member

    I thought about a sled, but i plan on using it in some rocky hills / gravel roads so wasn't sure the sled would hold up.
  10. kerrtw

    kerrtw Member-2018 Spring Team Turkey Contest Winner

    I would think a game cart would suck in rocky hills. I would probably quarter it up and pack it out.
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  11. Biggars

    Biggars Well-Known Member

    Packing out is best if its mountains imo. Rolling hills carts are okay benefit being you can skin and debone in a more controlled way. In the woods its sometimes difficult to do a good job without carrying a bunch of stuff in.
    I have carried a gambrel in found a limb deboned meat and packed out before cleanly. Not bad really. But you arent at your truck or camp or hime with beer water paper towels soap etc when you do it that way. To me it depends on the situation. Flat Id cart it. Rolling hills and not very far Id cart it. Way back in there or real rough mountain terrain get a gambrel, pack, bags, knife, light, bottle of water. That said all that crap in a pack takes up space so watch that.
    I wonder about a sled gambrel and bags. That mite work pretty good in some situations. Debone and sled the meat out.
    Whatever you do if you need to get a small one out mite as well snap its legs off at the joints and cut the head off at the shoulders. I bet that cuts the weight by 10-15 percent
  12. Biggars

    Biggars Well-Known Member

    Gravel roads my cart loaded pulls with one finger if its flat
  13. jackie53

    jackie53 Well-Known Member

    Gravel Roads? Wow...
  14. kerrtw

    kerrtw Member-2018 Spring Team Turkey Contest Winner

    Trucks and four wheelers work good on gravel roads to.
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  15. Biggars

    Biggars Well-Known Member

    Didnt say it. Gravel road pffffft
  16. Biggars

    Biggars Well-Known Member

    Prefer a GM. Chevrolet. Gravel or not
    Pffft - just 3
  17. Hungry Man

    Hungry Man Well-Known Member

    NE ark
    I use a yard wagon,does great hauling in stand and haulin deer out.
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  18. kerrtw

    kerrtw Member-2018 Spring Team Turkey Contest Winner

  19. Nannyhammer

    Nannyhammer Well-Known Member

    My favorite deer cart has JD 3032E written on the side....shoot deer, drive tractor to deer and slide them in the bucket, and carry back to house.
  20. orangefeetdown

    orangefeetdown Well-Known Member

    You use that as your blind too? Just sit down, wrap some Camo around you and good to go.
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