LFTW Monday 16th

Discussion in 'Turkey Hunting' started by dogdoc, Apr 16, 2018 at 5:52 AM.

  1. dogdoc

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    I’m about to head to the woods. Gonna be cold but hopefully a little less wind this am. Hopefully will get one gobbling before I have to head to the office later this am.
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  3. dogdoc

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  4. JB Weld

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    Yall go get em! I am off to work!
  5. egb1491

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    Heard a couple in Clark County, but not very close
  6. Matt17

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    Didn’t hear a thing in Cleburne County. This makes 5 straight hunts where I haven’t heard a gobble going back to last Thursday.
  7. dogdoc

    dogdoc Well-Known Member

    Gave it up this am. I don’t mind “deer hunting” them on occasion but to go out each time and anticipate zero gobbles and having to just sit and hope. Well that takes most of the fun out of it for me.

    Ended up seeing 3 hens and that was it. Idk. Most unproductive and unpleasant turkey season I can remember.
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  8. Chasegal88

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    Had a hen give me a little lesson. Was walking a road through a thicket and heard some crows fussing up ahead. Decided to scratch on the glass to see if maybe they weren’t harassing a bird. Hen responded, gave her a few yelps and she responds right back. So I’m looking for a place to sit where i can watch the road and take a step toward a pine tree and see movement in the road. The hen is standing there about 30 yards in front of me giving me the stink eye. I stand statue still and she eye balls me for a few seconds and slowly eases back into the thicket. Sat down and called a while and nothin after that.
  9. arkrem870

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  10. juleo

    juleo Well-Known Member

    I heard just as many this morning as I did this weekend. Except today I didn't get out of bed until 7:00. Yesterday I said I'm out when it started snowing and wind chill was in the teens.
  11. 4hunting

    4hunting Well-Known Member

    Great news is I heard my first legit gobbling bird this morning during the current 2018 season, spoke to the world about 40 times, so-so news was most of it was not directed towards me for the most part, he was absurdly hen'ed up, for the bad new, today was the last morning for the area I was hunting on a permit & tomorrow is the last day for even the private lands here. 2018 Season is over for use on our home ground when it is just now getting started.

    Guess I will have to be the first to coin a new phrase for the turkey forum, waterfowl has their OOS (Out of State) pain in the butts OOOOZZZZ'er's, being season is over for us, guess I am going to have to become an OAR (Our of Area Resident), now the new term is there's another one of the pain in the butt OAR's!!!!!!!
  12. juleo

    juleo Well-Known Member

    Nothing wrong with a OAR.

    I found this in Academy in Conway. My wife was looking for me in the store and called while I was snapping the picture. She heard my phone ring then it went straight to voicemail on her end. She knew I had shady buttoned her so she called back to ask where we were, I told her by the French oars. I heard her in the next isle over ask where the French oars were. As soon as she said it out loud she realized what she had done.
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  13. Chasegal88

    Chasegal88 Well-Known Member

    Dang ol hen got me twice in a row. Heard some random gobbling and closed the distance. Let out some yelps and a few minutes later hear some running. See a bird off to my right at around 100 yards so i turn to get into position and hear some clucks and there’s a hen about 40 yards in front, she had me pegged and left with the other bird. Pull up the map and see a thicket in the direction they headed so i beat feet down the road and behind the thicket. Hear a gobble on the other side so i Elmer Fudd my way through the swamp. Listening to the gobbles. Close in on his location and as soon as i get out of the swamp there’s a small hill between us. Decide to crawl up the hill and get to the rise and see him in full strut about 70 yards out. Get settled in and start calling and got him fired up but won’t commit. I decide to give him the silent treatment and he starts headed my way. Gets pretty close to within range so i start watching him down the barrel. Gets about to 50 yards with no shot and he come out of strut and stands that head up looking alarmed. Next thing i know i hear something running toward me and that hen comes out of the thicket 10 yards in front of me raising a fuss. He turns around and goes back to his strut zone and blows back up. She fed around for a while within 20 yards of me then eventually leads him the other direction...
  14. Chasegal88

    Chasegal88 Well-Known Member

    He’s fired up again. Trying to Elmer Fudd my way back through a thicket to him
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  15. qwackerhead

    qwackerhead Well-Known Member

    Stay on him, she gotta leave him for a bit hopefully!!
  16. Chasegal88

    Chasegal88 Well-Known Member

    Well that went to hell in a hand basket. Gonna move off toward where was earlier and get out of this thicket. Gobbler 2 Chase 0
  17. HEVI D

    HEVI D Well-Known Member

    Hang in there Chase. That's more action than I've seen all season! Good luck!
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  18. Chasegal88

    Chasegal88 Well-Known Member

    Well my second attempt at the Gobbler didn’t go as planned. Went and grabbed lunch and rushed back over to where i left him. Was walking in down a road and heard him fire up close behind me. He was in a thicket north of me so i hit a deer trail through the thicket and could hear him gobbling on the other side.

    So I’m quietly easing down the deer trail and the trail thins out but can see where the woods open up about 20 yards ahead. So i get on my hands and knees to avoid all the limbs. Crawl a few yards and i hear a gobble right in front of me. What the heck he shouldn’t be that close! I finally see his fan behind a large stump, the joker was down in a ditch strutting. So I’m debating on what to do and if i crawl 10 more feet i got an opening. So i figured with him behind the stump i can ninja my way forward. Go to crawl and my gun won’t move, sling is hung on a stinkin limb! So i ease the limb out from the sling and quietly move the stick out of the way and look back up and he’s about 40 yards away starring a hole in me. So there I am on my hands and knees, body all contorted awkwardly and he’s starring at me. He finally decided something isn’t right and eases off.

    So i give him a few minutes and crawl out toward the openening and of course there’s water there so i have to stand up to get across it. As soon as i stand up i see 5 deer and a turkey scatter in all different directions. I felt like an idiot!

    Anyhow i decided to call it a day and will be back in his bedroom before daylight tomorrow.
  19. gutshot

    gutshot Well-Known Member

    I'm digging the live updates, Chase. Stay with it and keep us entertained again tomorrow.
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  20. Rookieshot

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    Yep thanks for the play by play. At least you got to chase one today. Hopefully you’ll connect tomorrow. We will be following tomorrow. Good luck