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I got a good deal on a Leupold Rifleman Scope 2-7X, 33 MM to day at WalMart. One of the caps that cover an adjustment knob was missing on the scope was in the displace case and it was marked down to $139.00. I started a conversation with the Sporting Department Manager, and he made me an offer on the scope with the missing cap of $109.00 + tax. It was $118.81 OTD for a brand new scope. He still has two there for $139.00 each. That's a pretty good price for a Leupold Rifleman that was $194.00 a week ago.
The manager was also telling me that Archery equipment was going on display in about two weeks and he was going to put a lot of shooting stuff on sale to make room for the Archery equipment.
I'll probably be drifting by pretty regular for the next couple of weeks. :thumb:
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