Let's see them euros!

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  1. [​IMG]. Guess I got them all clean. The one one the left my son killed. The upper nose bone plate came off while pressure washing. The one on the right my killed. Her first buck ever. Just gotta mount them to something. It’s my first go round. Next one will be easier.
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    First euro on a bowkill this year.

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    Got some done for a couple guys
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    IMG_0644.JPG A few I just got back from GotPork! Can't wait until I can take him some more!
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    That looks awesome raz4back
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  9. [​IMG]

    I got two 5 points and a 20 point here.
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    You and hot guns are so much alike lol
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    Which of you can pull this one off. Itd be pretty cool for a cabin or man cave
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    Is that dipped or handpainted
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    That looks really good! I'm gonna try my hand at dipping my next one.
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    I was pleased with it. I've never tried it myself. I had a guy in Prattsville do it for me.
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    Looks great!
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    Who does them in Prattsville? That looks pretty sharp. If my vacation the rest of the week is successful, I may be in need of those services.
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