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Let's hear some stories!

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I'd like to here some of your tales of your best or worst deer hunt of the year. It can be a about the biggest you killed and how you did it or the one that got away. Please explain how you set up on this buck and how were you hunting this buck. You know what I mean..... Details!!!:biggrin:

A couple of the best may just receive a prize!
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Well my story isn't that long but pretty good...It all started the day before season when a guy in our camp was telling me of this BIG buck he saw a couple of times in this one area...well thats all i had to hear...although my stand was in a totally different area i knew what stand i was going to hunt to try and kill this buck...Well opening day i missed the trail to go to the stand and went to another stand and didn't see anything but a doe....I didn't get to go hunting again until the next weekend....I went and found the stand on friday and my cousin was in it and actually killed a doe...well sat. morning i went to the stand...i saw a couple of deer but no shooters....then sunday i hunted and saw a couple of does that morning and then that afternoon saw a shooter buck...well since it was the first legal buck of the season i went ahead and shot him....a nice little 7 pt but not the buck they had been ways i hunted the stand a few more times that week and just saw the same thing a few does and some small bucks....well thanksgiving i didn't get to hunt down there cause of the family events i had to attend, however, i got down there on friday and that morning the wind was kicking my tail....i hunted as long as i could and didn't see anything...went back to the camp around 9:45...well i fell asleep watching the Texas/Texas AM game and woke up around 2:30 and though i need to go ahead and get out there...well i got in the stand a little before 3 and was just sitting there....the wind was blowing and it was HOT so i thought i wasn't going to see i pulled my cell phone out and started playing games on it....I would play a little and then look up and scan the area and see if i could see anything and then continue playing...well about 3:40 i looked up and BOOM, BIG BOY was standing in the shooting lane about 50 yards heading for some rice bran, had some doe pee out but the wind was blowing so crazy i don't think he ever smelt ways i put the phone in between my legs eased my gun up a BOOOOM....dropped him....well as excited as i was i got on the phone and started calling everyone...however he was not i went down to shoot him again and saw i hit him in the back bone above the shoulders...well my remington 7400 was since i was going to mount him i thought i would stab him behind the shoulder and get enough lung to kill him...well the first time didn't do it so i did it again......went back to my truck and grabbed my pistol and went back down there...well the ol' boy was still i shot him behind the shoulder thinking it would kill him...wrong i started dragging him and he was still i had to shoot him again....i finally did it with that shot....a good 8/ biggest deer yet so i was always have a good story behind the good ones and there was mine...and yes he was the BIG BOY they had been seeing in that area...:biggrin:
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