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    I'd like to here some of your tales of your best or worst deer hunt of the year. It can be a about the biggest you killed and how you did it or the one that got away. Please explain how you set up on this buck and how were you hunting this buck. You know what I mean..... Details!!!:biggrin:

    A couple of the best may just receive a prize!
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    This didn't happen to me but to my next door neighbor, who is a member of my lease. It occured this past Wednesday evening, the last day of firearms season.

    Having set up over a small food plot in a elevated box blind at 3:00 my buddy was not too optimistic about his last minute chances of getting a buck. He had earlier in October run an arrow through a nice one, but it took out no vitals (forward and high) and left little blood. As the sun went below the horizon he began to hear a chase in the thicket to his west, which was to his left. No grunting, just the sound of animals running back and forth. This led him to believe that a yearling doe may be coming in late, or that one of the more mature does had been missed earlier. It was 5:20 before this doe decided she had better clear the thicket to get away from the buck. Well, stepping into the foodplot, the "doe" had suddenly become a bobcat. So all the excitement must have been this cat chasing a rabbit? My buddy drops the crosshairs on the cat's shoulder, safety off, when antlers appear behind the cat! Slight shift in position, different shoulder with the crosshairs..........one dead 8 point. Bobcat hits the county line in three seconds flat. Incidently, the buck was healing from an arrow wound just above the heart.

    Now all you experts can tell me what this scenario was. Does a female bobcat in heat give off the same scent as a doe?:biggrin: Do bucks and bobcats frolic in the autumn mist (Puff the Magic Dragon flashback)?:wink: Is PETA right about how we should all come together in loving harmony? Were these buddies who played together as a fawn and kitten?:smack:

    This is a true story (no photoshop) and I'm sticking to it..........

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    I have it aint about my biggest deer bc the story is already on here so i will tell my cousins but i was sittin next to him when he killed it.

    Let me set the scenario for ya'll. It is Novmeber 20th, 2004. Me and my cousin jus got back from Warren at the stock show down there bc we help out in puttin the cows in pens. Well he hadnt anything in the earlier season but a doe so he could still kill any first buck that came out(accordin to last years book)I couldnt do that anymore bc i killed a 5 point the day b4 so i had to wait on a good buck. Well we got home at 4:45 and i went home real quick to get my gun and orange and i live a mile away from him. Got back and me and him to the 4 wheeler to the bottoms where we live in one of the fields that we own. We got there at 4:57 and jus parked under the stand bc there was about 20 minutes of shootin time left and we figured a stupid deer mite come out with the 4 wheeler under the stand. Before we left his grandpa told us not to go we wouldnt see a thing but we went anyways. We got there and afer about 10 minutes there was a bleat to the rite and i was on the rite and he was on the left. Well we turned and looked that way and after a few minutes nothin showed up so we went back to watchin the main part of the field and my cousin told me to watch my side and he would watch his. Well then another bleat on my rite and we turned that way again and was watchin and he was leanin forward so i leaned back and looked around him and there was 2 does about 150 yards off. I told him deer and he turned and we got to lookin and another deer showed up then another and the third one had its nose on the ground followin the other 2 and it had a bigger body and i got to lookin and it looked like it had horns so i told him that it had a good set of horns on it so take it and he said alrite and got on it and shot. Well he shot over it and it just ran a loop in the field around the other 3 deer and he shot again and he took off for the woods and he shot again and it hit the ground and threw its head up like it was gonna get up and my cousin went to shoot again and his gun was jammed up and we finnally got it fixed and the deer was already on the ground. We got down and got on the 4wheeler( which was under the stand in plain site of the deer) and started to the deer. We got about 50 feet from it and my cousin turned on his headlites and said i think your rite it does have some horns. We got about 10 yards from it and all of suddenly we seen wat was on the ground. Started hoopin and hollerin and jumpin around and was shakin so bad that he couldnt make a phone call to his dad to tell him wat it was. It was a 11 point buck with g2's that were alittle over 11 inches tall and its g3's were alittle over 9 and its eye guards was alittle over 4 and half. His left eye guard was broken but was still an inch long. Well we got calmed down and got the big thing loaded finnally. He was so long that when we got him loaded his head touched the ground on one side and his feet touched the other and this wasnt a small 4 wheeler( a honda rancher to be exact) and well i got his feet in one hand and his horns in the other and we started for the house. Got there and got him in a truck and got him to a gas station to check him and talked to several guys there and they was amazed bc they were in their 50's and never killed a deer that big when a 14 year old killed it. Now that deer is on the wall and i will try to get a pic of it and ill post it for all to see.
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    Pictures would be very nice with these stories!:up:
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    My story wont take too long bc it only lasted for about 20 seconds...Alright so i go to my grandfathers peice of property to bow hunt before modern gun opens up...hunt all morning and the deer are moving great after seeing 3 bucks and 3 does. I decided to go back in for an afternoon hunt and i left earlier than normal (11:30) bc of it being cooler. As i was walking along the road to get to the stand i i had an 8-point buck walking perpindicular to me from in the woods. it was totally oblivious that i was walking by. anyways i stop and drew back for it to cross the road and just before it did it either saw me or caught my sent and ran back into the woods without me getting a clean shot. that deer got within about 5 yds of me! the reason i didn't shoot earlier was because he was walking just on the other side of some thick brush which would have deflected the arrow. this is my tale of missing out on a great buck...:smack: :frown:
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    I already posted a short version on here but here is the long version if you want details.

    I joined a lease this year that some buddies of mine have. I spent all of early bow season and the first day of muzzleloading hunting down there and became frustrated because I wasn't seeing any deer. I came home on the second day of muzzleloading and that afternoon I carried my two older daughters, Samantha (6) and Hayli (5), out on the farm so maybe they would get to see a deer. I picked a spot that I had never hunted before but had seen deer cross this field in the past. I built us a little stick n' burlap blind and we sat on the ground against this big oak tree just inside the field. We were overlooking about 10 acres of field with thickets on the east and south. We ended up seeing eight deer that afternoon! After that we would sit out there every chance we got and would see from 1-8 deer per sitting. FYI, I missed two doe that first afternoon.

    Six days later, on saturday afternoon right before dark, Samantha and I were sitting in a outhouse blind that I put up a bit closer to where all the deer were crossing. We were watching a doe and her two little ones making their way across the field coming toward us when I began hearing branches break in the thicket to the south. I watch the fencerow for awhile but dismissed the sound. I told Sam that I would take the doe when she came in within forty yards. The doe was sixty yards out and I was watching her through the scope when she started staring at the thicket where the sounds had come. While still watching her through the scope, she broke and ran the other way taking her yearlings with her. Wondering what spooked her, I panned my scope to the right to see two more deer standing just inside the field sixty five yards out. The one I got in the scope was in the rear and "Monster Bucks" was the first thought that went threw my mind. I didn't even look at the other deer or bother counting points on this "ol" boy. I could tell his tines were long and his rack looked wide. A sure 'nuf shooter around here. I told Sam to be still (who first saw the buck enter the field and tried to tell me but I Shhhed her) I set the crosshairs on his shoulder and BOOM. The blind filled with smoke! I jumped out the front of the blind and the buck was gone. One deer stood in the middle of the field about 100 yards out. Light was fading and the deer just walked away from us. I got him in the scope but he didn't appear to be the one I shot. It was dark by the time I went to look for him. As we neared the fence a deer jumped up and ran just inside the thicket. I figured it was him and we had pushed him a little farther in. The next morning I looked all around where I shot him, where we had heard the deer jump up from and all threw that thicket. There was nairy a hair or drop of blood indicating he was hit. "There was no way I could have missed him at that range. Maybe, I hit him high to where he didn't bleed out right away", I thought. Thoughts began filling my mind of a wounded deer running off and dying. I looked in those thickets for days and felt sick for the next couple of weeks. The night of the modern gun opener, my fears were put to rest when I went to my uncles house. He lives there on the farm and he told me there was a big buck in his yard with a doe when they arrived home. I rode over there on the 4wheeler and we got out the spotlight and sure enough, there he was! Unharmed.

    The next friday afternoon, the seventh day of season, I was back out at the "honey hole" where I had missed him. Six does came out into the field and made their way towards me. This time I was sitting in an old bailer body about forty yards north of my outhouse blind. There was once an old road that went through here and a few white oaks still stood either side of where it was. Well, the does pass by me and went to the oaks on my left. One doe actually passed six yards upwind of me. I was unable to see them from inside the bailer. I sat there and watched where they had come out. I had one buck tag left and wanted to end the season with a decent buck. Surely one of those does were in heat and a buck would come out any minute. About ten minutes had passed since the does came by. I peeked around the side of the bailer and they were still feed fifty yards or so away. I was standing up inside the bailer and a doe came back into view just to where I could see her. She began blowing and hopping about. It was strange, she wasn't blowing at me. She walked off, back across the field with four other doe in tow. I kinda wondered where the sixth doe had gotten off to so I peeked around the back of the side of the bailer. There were two doe standing there under the oaks looking at me. I eased my head back in and began to ponder, "Five and two makes seven, only six came out. So where did the other come from?" Puzzled, I peeked around the front of the side of the bailer and there was a buck! His head was down, feeding on acorns. He had a nice rack. His tines looked long. Light was fading and I was trying to manuver a way to shoot around the side of the bailer when he began walking off in the direction the other five doe had gone. This path offered me one shot threw a hole in the overlying tree branches. When he entered that shot window, he was facing straight away. Normally, I wouldn't take this shot but having killed my other buck in the same manner gave me confidence. I put the crosshairs dead center of his rearend and BOOM! The sound of the shot almost deafened me inside that metal hull. He hunkered down a bit and ran off over a rise with his tail down. He was running but it was a slow kinda run. I could tell he was hit. I climbed out of my bailer blind and walked to the spot I had marked. I had to use my flashlight to see. There was white hair everywhere. While standing there I heard what sounded like a deer crashing in the thicket. I felt he was down but wanted to give him time to expire. I threw my orange hat down to mark the spot and went back to my Grandpa's house. My wife called me and said I needed to stop shooting deer right at dark. She had been on our front porch and heard the shot. 45 min later my dad, grandpa, cousin and I were back out there with grandpa's cow dog, Tiger. Tiger moonlights as a tracker. Tiger picked up the trail and found him lying seventy yards from where I shot him. The buck hadn't even made it out of the field before going down. There was some Hoopin' and Hollerin' when we found him. He turned out to be the biggun' I missed during muzzleloading. His G2s were 11" (his left one was forked), his G3s were 9.5", G4s were 4" and his inside spread was 16.75". He is the largest buck I have taken and the largest buck ever taken on our farm. I aged his jawbone at 3.5yrs but took it to work and Bob Scott and Donnie Harris said he was 2.5yrs. When I get the jawbone back, I will post a pic for you guys to judge. 2.5 is kinda hard to swallow. I guess I should let him walk? Not.:thumb:

    Do I get the record for the longest story? I am blessed with the gift of gab.:biggrin:

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    Great story!:thumb: I don't think it was too long. We have to have details.

    Ya'll keep on posting these stories!:biggrin: These are some good ones!!!
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    Well my story isn't that long but pretty good...It all started the day before season when a guy in our camp was telling me of this BIG buck he saw a couple of times in this one area...well thats all i had to hear...although my stand was in a totally different area i knew what stand i was going to hunt to try and kill this buck...Well opening day i missed the trail to go to the stand and went to another stand and didn't see anything but a doe....I didn't get to go hunting again until the next weekend....I went and found the stand on friday and my cousin was in it and actually killed a doe...well sat. morning i went to the stand...i saw a couple of deer but no shooters....then sunday i hunted and saw a couple of does that morning and then that afternoon saw a shooter buck...well since it was the first legal buck of the season i went ahead and shot him....a nice little 7 pt but not the buck they had been seeing...ne ways i hunted the stand a few more times that week and just saw the same thing a few does and some small bucks....well thanksgiving i didn't get to hunt down there cause of the family events i had to attend, however, i got down there on friday and that morning the wind was kicking my tail....i hunted as long as i could and didn't see anything...went back to the camp around 9:45...well i fell asleep watching the Texas/Texas AM game and woke up around 2:30 and though i need to go ahead and get out there...well i got in the stand a little before 3 and was just sitting there....the wind was blowing and it was HOT so i thought i wasn't going to see anything...so i pulled my cell phone out and started playing games on it....I would play a little and then look up and scan the area and see if i could see anything and then continue playing...well about 3:40 i looked up and BOOM, BIG BOY was standing in the shooting lane about 50 yards heading for some rice bran, had some doe pee out but the wind was blowing so crazy i don't think he ever smelt it...ne ways i put the phone in between my legs eased my gun up a BOOOOM....dropped him....well as excited as i was i got on the phone and started calling everyone...however he was not dying...so i went down to shoot him again and saw i hit him in the back bone above the shoulders...well my remington 7400 was jammed...so since i was going to mount him i thought i would stab him behind the shoulder and get enough lung to kill him...well the first time didn't do it so i did it again......went back to my truck and grabbed my pistol and went back down there...well the ol' boy was still kicking...so i shot him behind the shoulder thinking it would kill him...wrong i started dragging him and he was still kickin...so i had to shoot him again....i finally did it with that shot....a good 8/9...my biggest deer yet so i was tickled...you always have a good story behind the good ones and there was mine...and yes he was the BIG BOY they had been seeing in that area...:biggrin:
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    Great story! I had an experience like that one time but I'll save that story for later.:thumb: