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Discussion in 'Trapping' started by quackandmild, Nov 28, 2012.

  1. quackandmild

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    Can someone please Post a list of legal traps to use in arkansas. I've never trapped an would like to but after reading the regs and looking at traps online I'm not sure how they are measured by the manufactuers. Thanks guys.
  2. geslayton

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    Most manufacturer's post both the inside and outside jaw spreads with their traps. If you look at Minnesota Trapline Products website most if not all of the traps will list an inside jaw spread, if you have a question on a particular trap you can just give them a call and they would be glad to let you know for sure. The list of legal traps is VERY extensive.

    What are you wanting to trap? Are you wanting the biggest legal trap or just a good trap to do the job?

  3. hogfan1

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    I would call the trap supplier about the size. Seems like the catalog usually says one thing, but the actual size will be different. Most of the good suppliers (MTP, F&T, etc,.....) will help you figure out what you need if you call them.
  4. quackandmild

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    Mostly beaver and coon, although I'm not positive of all furbearers in the area I would be trapping. I know there is a ton of beavers( me and a buddy killed 5 in one day last spring and tore down 4 dams and every dam is back in place and bigger, and we have seen more beaver sign than ever so far.
  5. geslayton

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    For beaver, I would recommend Duke or Bridger 330s they are both legal to set here in Arkansas provided you put them in the water. If you are wanting to set footholds for beaver than I would go with a Bridger #5 coilspring, an MB 750 or a TS 85, they must all be set in water also.

    For coon I would get either #1.5 coilsprings or duke dogproofs. Both are legal and well under the size restrictions.