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Discussion in 'Campfire' started by jsilver919, Jan 1, 2011.

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    At about 1015 this morning me, my wife and 6mth old daughter were on our way to a friends house in Vilonia traveling on Hwy 107 from Gravel Ridge. Long story short we were side swipped by a early model Dodge Durango (Gold). The driver decided to pass us on the shoulder and clipped the front fender of our new 2010 Mazda and took off. My wife called 911 and 30-40 min later a state hwy patrol officer showed up. We gave him the tag number and description of the vehicle but when he ran the tag it came back to a diff vehicle.

    My wife and i both believe this fool is going to get off scott free. is there anything that we can do or is this it?

    Everyone is fine. My wife was shaken up a lil and mad enough to chew nails cause we both feel like this is not going to go anywhere.

    Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

    plate number was 828 oao AR tags. The Durango will probably have white paint on the drivers side quarter panel from our car. Driven by a early 20's white male dressed like a "thug"
  2. possum

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    May have been a different vehicle but same owner that just took the tags off something else he had. :shrug:


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    Glad you or your family were not hurt!! Sounds like it might be a stolen tag or car..........
  4. jsilver919

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    thats what i am hoping on! i'm just hoping this guy gets whats coming cause it was crazy and i'm gonna end up eating the repair costs. the officer that showed up and did the report wasnt very reassuring at all but at least he was up front about it
  5. jsilver919

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    thanks, we were very luck. there was trucking coming towards us in the other lane and this guy passing on the shoulder. i glanced down rite b4 i slammed on the breaks and we were doing 60. if he had hit us a little harder it could have been very bad
  6. flydown

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    I am glad that you and your family are okay. :thumb:
    My wife was involved in a hit and run once and her uninsured motorist insurance paid the full tab for her car. I hope that they catch the jackass though.
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    Glad ya'll are ok. Don't take this wrong, but I'm kinda glad the ole boy got away, or you'd be posting this from jail after you took care of him! I hope they do find him and make him pay for this terrible crime. Going that fast, it doesn't take much for the accident to turn bad in a hurry. These people have no regard for any human life to take a serious risk like this. Again, glad you and the family are ok.
  8. possum

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    I'm just amazed at what some people will do when they're in a hurry to go no where. :banghead:
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    Im also glad that you and your family are ok. That could've been really bad. Hope they catch that low life
  10. jsilver919

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    thats the thing Possum the guy wasnt. when we came up behind him near hwy 89 turn on 107 he was swerving all over the entire road then pulled to the right taking up have our lane. we went by him and laid on the horn.

    well me laying on the horn was enough to set this guy off. he came up next to me in on coming traffic flipping us off. i backed off and let him by. 500 yards down the road the guy locks his breaks up sliding towards the shoulder and is hang out the vehicle screaming and flipping us off as we drove by. then he passed us on the shoulder hitting our car. he realized he hit us cause after that he was trying to get away. i figured no way he's out running me b4 i get that plate number. well we got it and it wasnt even to his vehicle:mad::mad::mad:

    i work with a woman that is married to an officer so she called and asked him if there is anything we can do and he said sorry but there really isnt.
  11. glad ypur fam. is ok lets hope the ''thug" gets cought
  12. woodsnwater

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    Glad y'all are ok. That is something that has been going around. My wife's friend got pulled over cause her plate came back with different car description. What had happen someone stole her plates and replaced it with the one that was stolen. They had to go to Lonoke county to make a police report. The guy was never found. There are some idiots in the world. Sorry it happen.:mad: