Leaving Tomorrow

Discussion in 'Fishing' started by BuzzBait, Feb 13, 2008.

  1. BuzzBait

    BuzzBait Well-Known Member

    I will be leaving in the morning for Smith Lake Alabama to get on some big ole stripers..We have a boat chartered for Friday and Saturday, and should be back Sunday with plenty of pics....Yall hold it down for me.....:wink:
  2. ArkArcher

    ArkArcher Moderator Staff Member

    Sounds like a good time! Have fun!! I was planning on going camping and trout fishing Friday night through monday but seeing as how its going to be raining every day but Monday, we chnged our minds. :smack:

  3. reflex1

    reflex1 Well-Known Member Supporting Member

    Ifn you had asked a few days ago Ida gone witcha! :smack:
  4. bett_lou

    bett_lou Moderator<br>Campfire<br>Humor & Games<br>'07 Deer

    Good luck Buzz! I expect lots of pictures.

    RAMBUSTER Well-Known Member

    catch sum biggins Buzz. :thumb:
  6. fullcredit

    fullcredit Super Moderator Staff Member

    Be careful man! We need to nail some plans down for another trip to the Gulf!
  7. John Stiles

    John Stiles Ultimate Member 2007 Team Turkey Contest Winner

    Swing by here and get me...I'll have all my custom made striper lures ready!:thumb:
  8. BuzzBait

    BuzzBait Well-Known Member

    Larry, I will be ready as soon as I get back from Alabama ....:eek::wink: Seriously, You and Rocky get some dates together and let me know...I really don't think it matters to Shannon....
  9. 10pointman

    10pointman Moderator Staff Member

    I'd like to do that sometime myself. Good luck.
  10. Manybeards

    Manybeards Premium Member<br>2009 Turkey Contest Winner<br>20

    Good luck Bro :thumb: Take pics
  11. BUCKSHOT_106

    BUCKSHOT_106 Well-Known Member

    Catch on for me!! :thumb:
  12. Buba Garrett

    Buba Garrett Premium Member<br>2010 Deer Hunting Contest Winner

    Buzz buddy wheres them pictures? Hope ya'll caught a boat load!
  13. BuzzBait

    BuzzBait Well-Known Member

    I'm back...We caught a bunch of fish, just did not have the Big Bite I had hoped for...I am scanning pics now and will have them posted today...I know yall missed the ole Buzz....:biggrin:
  14. Sylamore

    Sylamore Super Moderator Staff Member

    Now that brings back some good memories.

    I lived on the upper end of Smith Lake for 13 years and did a lot of fishing there. My favorite area was where the Sipsey River entered the Lake and all of the way down to Clear Creek. There are some big Ole strippers in that lake. The best thing about Smith Lake is you always get in a creek off of the lake and be out of the wind.

    Good Luck and let us know how you did. :thumb: