Leave or Retrieve?

Discussion in 'Waterfowl Hunting' started by xdamagexx, Jan 4, 2011.

  1. xdamagexx

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    this is for all the dogless hunters.. do u go pickup your ducks as soon as they hit the water or do you let them lay. i have always went out and gathered the kill after a volie. most say dead ducks floatin will shy the birds from workin. a couple times this year we have left them out till the birds clear out of the area and it didn't seem to affect the huntn. on windy days they float way off. lol thank goodness for ATV's. :)

    what u do and why? :shrug:
  2. madduck87

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    in the field i chase em before they hit the water....i the timber..if its breast down looks good on the water

  3. SwampCat

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    I hunt some with a dog and some without. When hunting without a dog, I leave them until the end of the hunt if I don't think they will float away. Had mallards land three feet away from a dead one with orange feet in the air. They will usually drift over to the side of the hole away from the decoys after awhile anyway.
  4. nick83

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    I pick them up after each volley! I want to make sure what they are and like to keep count. Dont want to be illegal!!!:up:
  5. birdman24

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  6. snydedawg

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    I prefer to gather as they drop. I've lost ducks that I didn't get as soon as they hit the water.

    My dog is pretty much retired now so I have to fetch my own and I don't want to lose any.
  7. Black OpsThe legend

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    we pick ours up as we shoot em, but here's an interesting twist for ya'll to think about....I've heard of people hunting in groups getting a ticket for having all the ducks or too many ducks hanging in one spot. In other words, you're only supposed to have what you shot as your limit.....so if you had a bunch of dead ducks that weren't picked up would Mr. Green Jeans give you grief over it? Just food for thought.......:confused:
  8. keeb

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    Mr. Green Jeans prefer the ducks be separated during the hunt so no body gets over their limit. IF you pile them up, then it's hard to tell him who shot what when he checks you, better to be safe than sorry.
    We always go get our birds after we shoot them.
  9. Black OpsThe legend

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    we pick up ours as well, and that was exactly what I was getting at.....:up:
  10. halfcocked

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    I think this is a joke. I'm the only one in my group with a dog, so my dog picks up all the birds. I keep a good count to make sure we aren't over but I still keep all the ducks together. If a group of 25 mallards falls into a hole and 10 people are shooting at them their is no way to know exactly what ducks and how many each person killed. :smack: As long as you don't have too many ducks as a group they should just let it ride. I am yet to have this problem, but I have heard of it happening.:down:
  11. tex

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    Had some land in the hole next to a dead one this morning.
  12. Black OpsThe legend

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    I agree, we always hunt with large groups, and while I haven't had it happen to me or my group, I know several guys that have been checked.....They will also ask who killed what and look at how many shells you've shot....:skeptical:
  13. MollyWhop

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    I'm sure everyone has a duck tote that will carry a lot of birds (slaughter strap). Well I would suggest getting one of the heavy duty leather ones. If you get one just simply write numbers on each of the drops. Keep the ducks evenly placed along the strap and anytime green jeans asks who killed what everyone has a #. It's a BS rule/law so that is a way to avoid any headaches from Green Jeans. Anyone with any common sense at all knows that you really can't tell who shoots what at times and usually the only time a GW will bother with the who killed what mess is when they are just itching to write some tickets. Never had one ask me who caught what fish when we had a limit of crappie in the ice chest..:confused:
  14. SwampCat

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    I will qualify my answer somewhat. I hunt by myself, so any duck on the water or in the pile is mine. If I don't have my dog, I have to walk about 100 yards to get my pirogue to paddle to the ducks and pick them up, then paddle back, and then walk back to my hunting spot - probably a five minute trip. First 30 minutes after LST is when I kill half my ducks - hate to be in the decoys during the best 30 minutes of the day. If I have a cripple, I am after it immediatly.
  15. the seperating of the ducks is a BS law but the ticket is $450 and 4 points if memory serves me correctly and if the right one that frequents BM is their he will ticket you.:banghead:
  16. swamp duck

    swamp duck Well-Known Member

    $385 and 12 points if you are hunting public
  17. ducksoup

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    We got checked with 8 guys and a pile of ducks 3 short of our limit and GW said he could have ticketed us for "party hunting". Said you need to keep the ducks you kill by you if hunting in a group. Also, if your 3 dux short of 8 limits, you need to only have 3 guns loaded otherwise they figure someone is going to be over limit should a group come in...got a warning on that on too..:biggrin:
  18. green_head_getter

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    No sense in leavin em. Get em as soon as u can. I dont chance losin a duck. I also hunt with a dog tho
  19. timber lizard

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    It was several years ago, but law has probly not changed. Was hunting with a old man and his son,walked up on 2 wardens coming out of the woods. The old man could barely get along so I was carrying his gun and his son was carrying his and his dads limit of ducks. The state possom cop was going to give the son a ticket for over posession The federal warden told the possom cop to stop reading between the lines. The old man did have to carry his ducks to the truck.:smack:
  20. seymore whitetail

    seymore whitetail Well-Known Member

    I always get'em when they fall too.