Lease in Randolph or Sharp County

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  1. Looking for a 2011 deer hunting lease in the area. Can anyone help out?
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    Looking for the same.

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    Randolph , Sharp , Fulton are three of the most sought after co. in the nothern part of the state . Very very very hard to find a lease here . If you do , dig very deep in your account . Most of it will go for about $15.00 an acre . . Good luck . :thumb::flag:
  4. I'm willing to pay higher if I have to just to be closer to home. Have a 4 hour drive to my camp down south right now.
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    might be able to help

    how much land u want
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    I just bought some property in glencoe. How much are u looking to lease. I purchased 135 Ac. 25 Ac is pastor.
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    Private message me if u may be interested in trying to work somethin out.
  8. Looking for 100-150 acres (more land won't hurt) for myself and my brother-in-law. What kind of $$ are you looking for?
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    Hey man i had to change my account. My screen name was blake5858 now its Blake_5858! i tried to send you a personal message from my other account not sure if you got it... it you did respond to this screen name.
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    im not sure exactly how much we want.. there are about 8-9 pastures 20-25 acres worth... the rest is in young timber... lots of deer and deer sign.. we just thought about adding someone else to have a little more money to put towards place. we have 5x5 metal box blinds on 5 of the fields, 4x4 box on one and a 5x4 box on another. they are all 4 to 8 feet off the ground. some will be higher.. several ladders in the woods and feeders. It's a good looking place but im not sure that we were looking for someone that would have another person with them.
    I wont get to hunt much bc of work but my mom and uncle will be there a lot. we plan to manage it shooting only 6-8 point or better depending what we see on the trail cams. biggest deer killed there last year was 10 point with 19 inch spread.