"Leaked" DHS Info floating around the Nte---FYI

Discussion in 'News and Politics' started by r6487, Dec 24, 2012.

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    I am surprised there are no comments. This thread has been up for a while now. I viewed the site, and I have to say it reads like a script for a movie or something. Pretty scary to think about though.

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    Why?Whats next after they take all the guns and we have no food and our dollar is worthless.Whats the end game?Concentration camps?I have been hearing stuff like this for about ten years or more from people like Alex Jones at Info wars and other conspiracy theorist but I just don't see WHY?Our gov does some shady stuff and I wouldn't be surprised to see this happen but I still don't get WHY.
  4. Interesting....can't argue because I am feeling the same way. You might want to save that one...before it disappears.....
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    Getting the world population to 500 mil. 90% human extermination. Don't believe it, but that's the theory.
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  6. I have heard that theory before but I think it's to get to a point where a single political party has power over the nation. Armed we are always a threat to them.....they are full aware of the fact that a civil war could ensue but the demoncrats pursuing the disarming of the American people are willing to risk that. Now the question is do the freedom loving Americans still have the spine to fight for the right to be free????
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    My theory is that it is all true but is only one of the final steps necessary for the rapture, tribulation and second coming of Christ. Thr big picture is spelled out in Daniel and Revelations. I believe we are beginning to see the details surrounding the big picture.
  8. I am glad that during the revolutionary war they didn't see it that way and realized there comes a time when you have to be willing to fight to be free. For a thousand or more years people have been predicting a rapture that hasn't happened yet.....right now ...here on earth...in this nation of free people...we have real threats to our freedom..there are no predictions written by prophets as to the outcome....history will be written one of two ways...either we are slaves to a political machine or free people that control the political beings...
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    I can understand being perplexed by the thought of americans causing this crisis among them selves but you need to think GLOBALLY! This agenday didn't originate here. It all comes from a desire to erase america as a global power and redistribute its wealth to poorer countries. I imagine in about 10 years, if this all plays out as described) our standard of living will be on par with Sri Lanka.
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    Sad part is the prophecy is written in the history books. Every great civilization has destroyed itself from within. This could be a good thing to an extent or a bad thing depends on who comes out on top
  11. The thing is that the future is yet to be written because we haven't gotten there yet.....question is ....what will WE do?? They can predict all they want.....actions are written about. Honestly I wanted to see what was going to happen with all of this before I got fired up....it is looking like it is going to be bad.......
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    I read the report in full. I believe it could be true. There have been people through all of world history who have wanted to rule the world with absolute power. For the last 100 years the US has stood in the way because historically we have wanted all people to be free. We have stood in the way of those wanting world domination. We have to be weak and out of the way for some group to acheive their plans. This could tie into the prophecies in the Revelation. Or it could be some group that is trying to acheive dominion over everyone through economic means. It has been previously tried through war and religion. They are more sophisticated now and patient. It is no secret that the current crop of Liberals and Progressives feel the constitution is outdated and should be changed to suit their current agenda, whatever that may be.
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    Not saying we should roll over and take it, just that these things will come to pass. It may not be this time in this day, but we should be aware of that reality. Fear does nothing for us.
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    I agree johnf. Even if these things don't work out exactly like this man is saying, or if it doesn't fall exactly within a certain time-line, it will happen. This is why I have always emphasized the point that if one believes the Bible, and understands the prophetic passages as a whole, he must, by necessity, be a conspiracy theorist, at least by the way the "World" defines it. The only other alternative is to bury your head in the sand and pay no attention to the things that are revealed to the believer by the Holy Spirit through the Word of God. We may not understand every detail of what is to come, or how it will be played out, but we can certainly see the big picture and we already know the out-come! My prayers go out for those who do not know the Lord and are putting their trust solely in "man" to somehow save them and their Country from the evil we are seeing and the greater evils to come.
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    amen brother
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    The U.S. is like one of those massive oak trees that have scars from people trying to cut them down yet are still alive. The way to take it down is not by the brute force of an axe or chainsaw but rather the slow suttle death of poison. We have been poisioned for quite some time.