Lead shot or steel?

Discussion in 'Waterfowl Hunting' started by bjadventures, Jan 9, 2011.

  1. bjadventures

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    Why do they make lead shot illegal for ducks? You can shoot doves with lead shot in the same field that you duck hunt in with no problem. You can shoot squirrels with lead shot in the woods where you duck hunt in with no problem, but you cant shoot ducks with lead shot when your duck hunting. I know they do it for the ducks eating it, but wont they eat the lead shot off of the doves and squirrels as well?:head:
  2. nick83

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    Alot of refuges you have to shoot steel squirell hunting.

  3. pluckyduk

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    I saw on a show the other nite where lead in ducks was killing bald eagles back when it was used.
  4. bjadventures

    bjadventures Well-Known Member

    Then why can you still dove and squirrel hunt with lead?
  5. xdamagexx

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    cuz Mr. Officer saidz so. now go to bed and hush. :clap::fit:
  6. Doug Fryer

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    You'd be surprised at what the federal gov't wants to do with lead across the board. They want it gone from the environment completely. Lead shot including rifle's.....lead sinkers for fishing everything. And that came from somebody that advises and makes some of the decisions on a "very" big NWR here in Ark.

    It's coming........bet that.
  7. bawildcat71

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    Because it costs more!!!!!!
  8. No good reason. Steel shot "saving the environment/ducks" is one of the biggest scams ever. Even up there with the "ivory-billed woodpecker" and "contrails" scams.

    It's got no logic behind it other than to rip off hunters. Lead shot would cut down half the number of cripples too.