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Discussion in 'Do It Yourself' started by pd2, Jan 2, 2011.

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    We are fixing to start remodeling a bathroom. It currently has carpet in it and we are wanting to go back with tile for the flooring. If any of you have any experience in laying tile here is my question. What do you do or how do you finish the area where the tile will meet the carpet??

    Any help would be appreciated.


  2. tmeredith

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    You can get a prefinished oak threshhold at Lowe's, cut it to fit between the door jambs and nail it or screw it in place over the edges of the carpet and tile.

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  4. woodwise

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    they make a Marble threshold that looks nice for a transition as well.....
  5. coonnutz

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    They are called transition strips, what I did on mine though is lay grout all the way up to the carpet tack/trim strip and it looks fine. saves you a buck or 2 on a transition strip too:up:
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    I have tile in the entrance to my front door that meets the carpet. The guy that layed the carpet just put tack strip around the tile and folded the edge of the carpet over where it meets the tile. Then put a couple staples into the floor to ensure it don't come loose. Looks great and no need for a transition piece. Good luck...
  7. coonnutz

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    This works exceptionally well on Oval shaped areas
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    Thanks for all the ideas. I am going to start with a small bathroom and work my way out. We'll see how this works out. Since we can't do much hunting in Jan / Feb. I'm going to try to earn a few points for next fall.

  9. AfterLife

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    if you cant find what you need, call me and i can make transition strip any size, any shape, any wood for you.....
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    this is what i did. Looks good
  11. wood duck whacker

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    I would go with tucking and tacking the carpet
  12. pd2

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    Screwed it up.

    I screwed up the attempt to tuck the carpet. Now have a nice new gold transition strip between the tile and carpet.
    Any one care to share tips for tucking and tacking carpet next to tile?

    All advice will be appreciated.
  13. Best to put staple "stays", 4-6" back from where tile will come to, before you ever cut the carpet for take up, and leave a little extra to trim after tiling, then just staple in with padding and the aid of a knee kicker, to keep it tight, for stretch in carpet,with glue down, just trim out.
  14. thompson

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    I've been doing this for 26 years for a living. Use a z-bar under the tack strip and roll the edge. Just be careful not to hit the tile with the hammer when you tap the z-bar down. If the tile is to thick get some thin plywood or paneling and lay under the tack strip to raise it slightly.
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    i can make you one any size any shape out of any wood, let me know if your interested

    i have standard t-mould, reducer in stock
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    After listening to these suggestions and looking at my problem - now I have a question. Our master bedroom is between two tile floors. The tile floors have the cement board with tile on top and the carpet is installed to the subfloor - as usual. There is a big ugly transition (really, no transition) where the carpet stops and the tile starts due to the 1/2+ rise in the tile floor. Can something be done?
  17. thompson

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    A 1/2 inch is a lot to take care of. There are a couple of options for this. One is to pull the carpet back and float the floor back with a mix of floor patch and Latex additive. You float it back far enough you won't notice the floor rise. Another is to use a Vinyl insert metal or track metal. This has a 1 1/2 inch vinyl strip that fits into the metal track to where it covers the tile edge and the carpet edge. This will help hide the floor height difference. The other is a wood T-mold or threshold type application.