Latest update on the Remington bankruptcy

Discussion in 'News and Politics' started by Mr. Chitlin, Sep 27, 2020.

  1. Saltydog

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    Ash Flat
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  2. thelineman

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    That would be nice if Ruger started making nice Marlins!
  3. Arky73

    Arky73 Well-Known Member

    Agreed. Remington never has figured it out!
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  4. hillbillycycles

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    One of the best engineers I knew at Marlin was let go when Freedom Group moved it out of Connecticut. He went to work for Ruger and the last time I saw him was at the SHOT Show in 2011.

    Hope he is still with Ruger and they revive the Marlin reputation.

    Came back to add I hope for quackmaster and everyone else at the ammo facility this goes through and is great for them all. I still miss the work and people there and I’ve been gone nine years.
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  5. Saltydog

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    Ash Flat
    Sounds like Sig has dibs if the Vista bid falls thru on the ammo division.... either one would probably be decent to work for.
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  6. Revnate

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    I would be happy with a Ruger Marlin. One thing is for sure- they couldn’t do much worse than Remington has done.
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  7. quackmaster

    quackmaster Well-Known Member

    The guy you know is still at Ruger. I’m sure he played a part in this.

    I’m all good.
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  8. Mr. Chitlin

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    NE Ark
    I could see Ruger turning out some combo single actions and lever guns if it all works out.
  9. LEXI

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    Hope JJE Capital starts making H&R again. Best slug gun for the money. Wish I had another one.
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  10. Hogbreath

    Hogbreath Well-Known Member

    Didn't Remington also own the H&R/New England lines?

    Edit. Finally read and saw where they did.
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  11. Saltydog

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    Ash Flat
    Man, I like that idea!
  12. Onetrakd

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    I’ll just be watching for VSTO to setup for a swing trade.
  13. ray porter

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    east ar
    a Ruglin just dont have a very nice ring to it.

    i fear the ol h and r slug gun is gone. i had one but sold it when they allowed the 45-70 for deer. more than one shot gun state went that route. kinda wish i had the ol rascal back =it was a killer fer sure.
  14. quackmaster

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  15. Saltydog

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    Ash Flat
    Hunter Biden - like financial decisions, and deep rooted geographic racism.... that could be one reason for their problems..... NOT.
    But to a NY Times reporter, I suppose that makes complete sense... he wouldn't consider that Remington totally failed to make a product that the shooting public wanted to buy.
  16. rmcmurry

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    Maybe I missed this, but who gets the actual Remington guns? Does Remington keep their rifles and pistols?
  17. LeadPoison78

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