Latest Boone and Crockett listings for Arkansas and the SouthEast

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  1. DufferDan

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    Kinda early for these numbers to be complete as some are still being processed
    so this is current up through July 2020

    Current All time listings for Whitetail in Arkansas and the SouthEast

    State .......................typical..................non typical....................... total
    Alabama ......................13.......................... 19 .............................32
    Arkansas .....................169.......................... 85 ...........................254
    ....( in 1964 Arkansas had 28 listings removed because
    ....they didn't meet the 160 minimum that is now in place)
    .... so 254 plus 28 ( should be 282)
    Georgia .......................180..........................55 ............................. 235
    (Georgia in 1964 had 3 removed) ( 238)
    Louisiana .......................56..........................28 ............................. 84
    Mississippi ....................114..........................71 ............................185
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  2. frogleg

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    Surprised by Louisiana. Figured they had more swamp donkeys down there.

  3. SwampCat

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    they have too many cajuns who like a break from eating coots, gar balls, alligator, and nutria
  4. Allenn

    Allenn Well-Known Member Supporting Member

    I think a lot never get entered.
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  5. R6mm

    R6mm Well-Known Member

    N. Texas
    Allenn just won't let em' grow up, down there.
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  6. R6mm

    R6mm Well-Known Member

    N. Texas
    Probably not. Don't think B&C have a category for...."spotlight"...;)
  7. Mr. Chitlin

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    NE Ark
    Same in Arkansas. I know a guy that has 3 B&C bucks in Arkansas and has no interest in anyone seeing them or knowing where they came from. Only a few closest friends have ever seen them or even know he has them. He has no interest in seeing his name in a book.
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  8. CaptDocHoliday

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    The bigger the deer, the fewer people I tell.
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  9. DufferDan

    DufferDan Well-Known Member

    At the time and up to the last 2-3 years the potential state record was
    Treated that way. Rex Hancock scored it tight at 197 back in 1964.

    Ya never heard of it right? The owner left it hanging in Burrows for a couple years, after it was remounted.

    A half dozen or more, Arkansas boonies have been burned or stolen.

    I’ve talked to a lots of wives of hunters with boonie type horns. They said if any thing happened to the husband they would chunk them or put in a yard sale.

    Had one Son tell me ..... that is a prized family possession and I’d better take care of it.
    Nearly 100 years later he still has it on wall

    My question is if you are not that proud of them why not kill a doe, and leave the trophy

    In my 65 years of measuring I have found that a hunter that doesn’t want a trophy scored has a back story.
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  10. DufferDan

    DufferDan Well-Known Member

    Sorry about the display, I had them lined up on my apple but they are skewed now.
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  11. Buck_It

    Buck_It Well-Known Member

    is the 160" minimum for typ, non-typ, or both?
  12. DufferDan

    DufferDan Well-Known Member

    That potential state record 197
    After the divorce the wife disposed of the rack... at one time it was worth $50,000 as the largest in the south
    He was offered straight up $25,000 if he could find it....
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  13. Allenn

    Allenn Well-Known Member Supporting Member

    I think most know how hunting has become a money thing. If word gets out to much someone will buy the land or out bid you or public be in your spot. Social media and running mouths have ruined hunting. Duck hunting is a prime example. Deer hunting is no longer a sport where everyone is proud and happy for everyone unfortunately. When you do kill one then you hear from the poaching crowd. The guy I work with killed a monster Muley this year on public he only told 4 people. He’s super secretive. He hunted 22 days straight sleep in his truck scouted for months. He had 3 picked out bigger than the one he killed he actually let it walk twice at first. An outfitter was hunting the same deer he was and was mad about him being there. The night he killed the deer the outfitter set there for 4 hours after he killed the one he killed waiting to see if he killed the “big one” he drove past him cause he was tired of the outfitters crap everyday. The outfitter called they game and fish and told them he shot it with a 22 on private. The guy had no idea where he killed it but was that jealous to call the g&f on him. He brought the lady warden and showed her the blood trail and everything and where the arrow even hit. He went to a local bow shop a few weeks later and someone asked him if he was the one that poached the big deer on private. This guy is by the book more than anyone I know. Karma kinda got the best of the outfitter though because my buddy had a buddy that drew same zone with a muzzleloader tag and killed the big one he put him on. I think it scored over 230. This is why people are scared to talk. Not from lack of pride and happiness
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  14. Mr. Chitlin

    Mr. Chitlin Administrator Staff Member Supporting Member

    NE Ark
    Same with the guy I know. They were legit, he just doesn’t want anyone knowing where they were killed.

    Some folks think there’s a conspiracy theory behind every story.
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  15. Alpha

    Alpha Member On Double Secret Probation

    Don’t think my ex ole lady wouldn’t have came up missing Just like the mount did if that crap happened to me.
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  16. jackie53

    jackie53 Well-Known Member

    Big Talk...Killer..
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  17. pirogue

    pirogue Well-Known Member

    You mean some state’s hunters don’t brag as much as others.
  18. DufferDan

    DufferDan Well-Known Member

    The 160 is minimum for typical entry in the awards book good for 3 years

    185 is minimum for non typicals

    The all times record entrys minimum is 170 for typical sand 195 for non typical. Awards bucks are put in the Awards Record book published every 3 years and maintained in the B&C record base

    The all time record book is published every 6 years
    The awards book is published every 3 years
    The minimum entry score IS a book deer.
    The average score for big bucks is higher in the north by about 5%
    Than in the south.
    It’s Like this for most critters ... That’s about 10 inches
    Florida has only about 3 Boonies
    The Gulf coast is about the same.

    The largest typical ever recorded in the world is about 15 inches larger than the largest in the south.
    (The Hansen 213)
    The largest rumored is the Cherokee buck at 225+ Owned by some collector ..... so may just be a rumor but it has persisted. It was an illegal kill according to the rumor. Lotsa folks looked for it back in the 90s, still do...

    Just a 160 is an absurd statement that some one ignorant of the facts often says at the Big Buck classic.

    A 185 non typical is a stud and IS a Boonie

    If you don’t agree with Record book entry, then look at what Alabama produces NOW compared to Arkansas after their “Buck a day years.” ( yes for 20+ years the Alabama regulations allowed for a buck a day. That diluted the gene pool for big bucks in Alabama

    There were a bunch of Studs in Alabama back in the Black Belt Days ...
    Our move to the 3 point rule was 25 years ahead of Alabama.

    Next time you want to argue the value of record book keeping

    Check out the difference in Arkansas vs Alabama or Louisiana.

    Arkansas hunters owe a debt to the folks that got the 3 point rule passed. Record Books played a large part in the knowledge needed to be passed on to the AGF. At the national Wild turkey convention held at Little Rock in 1992?, We had 32 Arkansas Boonies on the display boards. Several AGF higher ups were heard to say those are not Arkansas deer!!!
    We then told them the date year hunter name county. They just shook their heads and melted into the crowd. They were no longer the experts on Arkansas Deer..

    Buts that’s another story
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  19. 7 point

    7 point Well-Known Member

    No Tennessee Booners, or are you not counting that in the Southeast?
  20. DufferDan

    DufferDan Well-Known Member

    Yes I do include Tennessee most of the time in my statistics... But the ones I use prove my point... Tennessee and Kentucky just reinforces it. Plus I like to keep the Arkansas hunters Up to date for the last 65 years...

    MANAGEMENT.... like it or not is the answer ... otherwise you have the AGFC micro managing it like they do now after the 3 point rule ... no change for the better... just kill kill kill like the CWD stuff...

    Anyway .... Will look that up... but Tennessee is kinda like Alabama, it borders on Kentucky with only a state line between them... not a river or a bunch of mountains... And thats a long east to west interface it has with Kentucky... In other words the difference in Kentucky having MORE record book deer than the whole SE plus Tennessee. (Tennessee is an average SE state in the past)

    ... is prolly management..

    Yes Kentucky has MORE record book deer recorded than the Whole of the South East including Tennessee and South Carolina... You know how I know?... They recorded them... so the G&F knows also... nearly a 100 B&C scored each year...

    I think it had 31 typs and 23 NTyps in 2009.... (55) But It's doing better lately.. Got some studs as NonTypicals, ( BTW did you read about them? aha.... !!!! got you).. For years Tenn hunters Kinda had the attitude of not getting trophies recorded in Records books and this is the consequence ... Some Big-uns up there changed that....

    I know I'm beating a dead horse but here goes...........

    Face it ... this is a fact and these totals show it.... If you are proud of big deer racks then get them scored and put in the records books...if not then check out the State totals I have listed... play hide and seek...

    If you killed a trophy in a state then reward the Game and Fish by recording it...
    If you don't have that interchange then you will lose you chance to influence the G&F...

    Other wise they don't know what you are hiding.... so they don't know how good their efforts are or aren't...and we know money talks. We are also losing hunters each year... prime reason is that a lots of hunters don't know how good Arkansas IS... so why fight for it????

    It's all about management at this stage of the Game... ReStocking and management came of age in some states in the 20s some in the 30s and most in the south in the 40s... It's got a lots to do with the attitude of the Hunters and the care they exercise with their resource... The three point rule in Arkansas in the 90s is a good example of hunters caring and showing it.......

    Will look up Tennessee in AM it's late ... Sorry
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