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Late Season Meat For the Freezer

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Not the big buck I had set out to get at the beginning of season but it will be good on the table.I've had a good year and killed two big does and this lil guy with my bow.I've had chances at bucks and hit a limb on one and shot one to far forward into the shoulder.I got to go on a hunt with one of my buddies and see him kill his first deer with a compound.I set my wife up on a permit hunt and she killed a big doe.I also killed a doe and missed one with a muzzleloader,so I ended up 4 of 7 on shots taken.Looking back on the season ,I had a eventful year filled with alot of good memories.I didn't fill all my goals like killing a monster with my bow and getting my wife her first deer with a bow but it has been a good year.I'm going to try to set my ol lady up this weekend and try to get her one with her bow,and I'm not sure that I'm done yet either.Good luck to all those that are not ready to hang up the bows just yet.
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Congrats!! Aint nothin wrong with them tender ones!!:up:
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