Late Season Food Source, again

Discussion in 'General Hunting Topics' started by Matt_W, Jan 18, 2008.

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    I posted this in the Deer Biologist forum, and got no response, so here I go again. I went bow hunting on our timber lease near Fordyce, and never saw a deer. What food source would the deer be on? I'm trying to find a pattern to hunt and having no luck. HELP!!!!!!!!
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    The problem isn't so much a lack of food but a lack of movement from deer. When it gets cold and food sources become scarce, a deer's natural instinct is to conserve as much energy as possible which means they move only when absolutely necessary. Their food sources this time of year has to do with anything green, or corn feeders. Your best will be to find bedding areas (thickets and escape ridges) and hold tight there. That's about as close to a pattern as deer will have this time of year.

  3. i hunt just north of fordyce and was at our lease today and checked my camera thats been out since Saturday after Christmas over a food plot of mine. I can tell you why your not seeing any deer, every picture (but 1) was at night. They start coming into the plot around 5:45 and stir till around 10:00 then thats it. They have ate all of our plots to the ground, the deer are there, just moving after dark