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Discussion in 'Razorbacks' started by Gary R, Jan 14, 2008.

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    That's not good for the home team!

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    Not sour grapes - but:

    I have long held that any student-athlete who does not graduate, instead choosing to enter the pro-draft prior to completing their Sr. year should have to repay any and all scholarship money.

    We need to keep in mind that the original intent of athletic scholarships was to provide a way for students to go to college using their talents to pay the way - not as paid training years for the professional level. If the purpose of college athletic scholarships is to train professional athletes, then let us cut the pretense of education and just start up training leagues as feeders for pro teams (like baseball).

    No doubt, some students still use athletics as a way to pay for college - in fact, I would say the majority do. But those few who choose to use it only as a springboard - and then never complete the education that was paid for as a scholarship...

    But this needs to be a decision on the NCAA level, not at the local university level, otherwise it will just penalize those schools that would choose to follow this guidline (and thus none would do it).

    Some do go back and complete their degree - Scottie Pippin comes to mind - he returned several years back to UCA to finish the degree he started but did not complete when he went pro. Did he "need" that degree - no, but he chose it as the right thing to do both as an example and as a priciple.
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    I disagree. Athletic scholarships are only good for one year at a time and are renewed (or not renewed) on a yearly basis. If the university can pull a scholarship, then shouldn't the player have the right to leave? The door swings both ways.
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    Good job...and the facts...:thumb:

    Also (unless it changed recently) a student athlete LOI is for a three year period...not four years. The school can disregard it any year or time.
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    College is to prepare young people for professional life whether it be in the business world or otherwise. For instance, the military will give a commission to just about anyone with a college degree. I could have a degree in interior design and be an officer on my first day (I think) even though I've not gotten any military background. So then should I have to give my scholarship money back because I'm not using my degree as it was meant?

    They are prepared to go into the professional world with what they have learned in college. Wouldn't that be a success?:smack:
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    good luck to him. i enjoyed watching him for 3 years. i hope he gets drafted where he is projected. if he does not go in the first round though i think it is a mistake to leave early.
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    I can't blame them for going if they have the talent to do it. Sports, especially football, are never a sure thing. The career ending injury can happen on the next play. Make the long dollars while you can, you can always go back to school after you retire. If you can make great money playing ball, do you really need a degree? A degree is just a means to an end, the end being how you make your money the rest of your life. Let's face it, if we could all make a great living doing something we love with a high school education, the universities would soon be out of business.
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    I hate to see him leave, but I think he is making the right decision. Look at Marcus Monk's senior year and I think you will understand my reasoning.
    Felix Jones was good for the Razorbacks and I wish him well in the pros.