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Well, camping and fishing was about as good as the weather allowed it. I had planned to setup camp on Tuesday, but I had one of those nasty 24hr stomach bugs. Yuck. I still managed to get my lines out though :thumb: I finally got out there Wednesday morning, and I had 2 decent channel cats on. All but one of my hot dogs was gone from 65 hooks, so I used what I had left to rebait them. I used a couple dozen crappie minnows on one line. That evening I checked them again and ALL my bait was gone and no fish. I saved enough minnows to put on the yoyos and baited up again. That night I caught 2 nice flatheads, about 8 and 10lbs, a warmouth and a small bass. I tried throwing my cast net to catch some bait, but I only caught 1 shad. Everything else was yellow bass, except for a 4-5lb drum that I threw back...just seconds before I considered using cut bait on my lines :censored: A couple of AGFC maintenance guys stopped by to say hi and they said I could use those for bait. Evidently the AGFC wants them outta the lake, so they're okay with that. I still don't know that I would since enforcement would probably consider them sport fish, but I thought I'd share that anyway. They also said they had 13 of the 15 gates at the dam open, so the water was dropping.

Wednesday night was a little spooky with the lightning being so close, but I weathered it out warm and dry in my tent. Thursday I was out of hot dogs and minnows, and the wife convinced me to spend that night at home so I pulled out my yoyos and trot lines. I did catch a small bluegill and a decent redear on crickets, but the bream just weren't biting much with the water dropping.

Friday I stopped by the dam to try and net some shad, but again, I only caught one. Nothing else. I picked up some of Bates' BIG trotline minnows and baited up 2 lines that afternoon. The water was up a good foot or so from when I left the day before, but it was back down by Saturday afternoon, though it was still muddy. The final tally through Saturday was 1 decent flathead and 3 channels.

Today and tomorrow should be great fishing on Conway if the water level stabilizes, and it should clear up a bit too. With the water coming up and going down constantly and staying muddy, I just don't foresee much real good fishing 'til the weather clears up some.
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