last deer of my year

Discussion in 'Deer Hunting' started by guns are my friends, Jan 12, 2008.

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    im a little late posting this but my friend (lazyboy)'s dad took me on the christmas hunt.we went out friday morning and i sleep for a little while and i wake up and a doe is standing in my i check just to make sure then i shoot so im fiddling with my things and i look up and a deer is there a doe with a broken leg. the same leg and on the same side so i think its it. so i get it in the scope and i guess it sees me cause it was downwind from me and i guess it smelled me and i couldnt run fast on three legs so i get a shot but i have to rush so i didnt see how close i was to the scope and i shoot and the scope hits me in the head. so i check for blood and i see some but only in one spot so that means i shoot at two different deer!so apparently i missed the first one so we go and look for the deer i hit. we find the deer 20 yards into a briar patch. it was the deer with a broken leg which im glad i killed it instead of the healthy one cause i put this one out of its missoury:biggrin:
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    Congrats on the doe. :thumb: Thats a good way to end your season.

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    x2....:thumb: :thumb:
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    yes you are welcome again
    once again comgrats on the deer