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Last couple of hunts

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Since deer season been out this week we made a couple of hunts one monday and one today.The dogs were kinda out of shape,but they done real good,got 14 total in 2 hunts.

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Too much fun.... What does that mean. Good huntin. Congrats on the season opener.
Nice Pics! That ole boar had some nice cutters on him!! How much did he weigh??
shane you still look as bad on a computer as you do in person. lol, hey ezell i stopped at the store this morning and a buddy of yours in a white dodge flatbed was there on his way to meet you to hunt, he was a good guy have fun. now that deer season is over i will be hitting hard, i went to all plotts, keep working the dogs
We had another good hunt we got 6 today.We caught 2 good boars,the first one got in I guess you could call it a cave or something.I know that if was kinda scary dropping down in there.Once we got in there we could just about stand up it was at least 15 ft to the back of it.We just knew we had 2 catch dogs and a bay dog in the back of it on a 250+ boar with 2.5" teeth.

Looking down into it

caught and tied

looking out of hole

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