Lake Chicot opportunities

Discussion in 'Fishing' started by mikebri, Oct 11, 2017.

  1. stealthycat

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    so ... incentive for commercial guys to take unlimited bass/crappie/catfish etc in hopes they also take the carp with them ?

    really? that's the plan ?

  2. orangefeetdown

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    Read better.
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  3. hawgpharm

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    Is there any use for Asian carp or do they just trash them? Does anyone eat them?
  4. huntin24_7

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    I have seen a couple shows where people from Louisiana were cooking and experimenting with them. But I think some of those Cajuns will eat about anything
  5. thompson

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    May have died shortly after. Considered a natural death down there.
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  6. J W Dean

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    . Not much use for them. Some fish markets mix them with buffalo ribs. Putting one on the patio roof of ex wife's house is about the only practical use I can think of for one.
  7. JohnnieWalker

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    They farm them in Vietnam from what I understand
  8. hawgpharm

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    I'm thinking you need to open a new fish place in EE. Just mix these in with some catfish and they will never know.
  9. matt_jones105

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    They make dog food out of them. There is a plant in indianola Mississippi that will buy all you have.
  10. Drewcountyslipper

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    A feller at ditch bayou last spring said they were fine eating!! I just took his word for it...
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