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lake barnett

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Are there any crappe in there? If so are you guys catching them on yo-yo's or jig poles?
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I catch the crap out of them there that's my favorite crappie lake.. I jig fish in brush piles.. It's a deep lake can be frustrating at first but there are some nice slabs in there.
I have caught several crappie in the 2 1/2 pound range while catfishing with jugs baited with large trotline minnows.
Ok guys can you give a little insight on fishing this lake. I want to get up there this year to bass and crappie both. Never fished it have any pointer on where to start??
how do you get to Reed's access boat launch?
how do you get to Reed's access boat launch?
Just past Floyd, start looking for a sign on the right.
For crappie I just pitch at the bank were fallen trees are laying in the water with a salt an pepper jig with a 1/32 oz pink jig head.
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