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  1. Kenny T.

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    I've got a 17 month old blackmouth cur I need to get rid of before he gets me in trouble. He's a Ladner, but I don't have the papers. He's pretty territorial, and I'm scared he's gonna break loose and get in a bad brawl with my mothers German Shepard who lives nearby. He's pretty high strung, and bet he'd wipe out my wifes chickens in a flurry of feathers. I got him as a pup to try to make a squirrel dog. Seems I have more hogs than squirrels. I hunt WMA, so he's gonna get me in trouble there. He's ran several hogs, and last month caught a thirty pounder or so. He has yet to tree a squirrel, although he will work one. I have not really tried to break him off the hogs. I bet he'd make somebody a hog dog. Hes also caught a small coon on the ground. He'd make a nice dog, he's just to high strung for me. He will bump a deer, but quit it within a hundred yards. Hes built like a UFC fighter. $250
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    He a good natured dog towards people? I had one I lost last summer and he was th best dog ever with hogs and kids. Where are u located? Can u text me a pic of him to 479-477-0606

  3. Kenny T.

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    I don't really have any strangers, as far as the ups man goes, he barks at him, but I have a nine year old boy, and a four year old girl, and he loves the crap outta them. He'd never hurt them kids. As far as somebody coming to pick him up, I'd imagine hed be fine after I let him know you were ok. You'd just have to gain some trust, but as far as kids, he loves mine. I'll see if I have any good pics.
  4. Kenny T.

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    I live in stone county near Mtn view.