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Discussion in 'Huntin' Dogs' started by jjarvis0007, Jan 6, 2008.

  1. jjarvis0007

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    I am wanting to get a good black or chocolate lab. When is the best time to get them and where? How much is too much to pay? Any good places to get them and warn me about the bad. Thanks fellas!
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    i like a dog that will be 5 months in april thats the best to start training i know of several people that have pups right now and more coming up and there is never too much to pay a good pup will run 500 or more and you need to get a pup that has medical garuntee's (sorry about spelling) give me a should if you need anything else my contact info is on my website

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    jj, you can get a good pup for less than $500. I bought one for $250 that is AKC and UKC and had both parents on site and I looked at the bloodlines 6 generations back and they had many, many grand master hunters and master hunters among other championships. She has been very easy to train and picks up everything I teach her really fast. Just look around. You can find them. :thumb:
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    There are so many lab litters around, you can find a great one if you do you research. First do not buy a pup that doesn't have an OFA Good or excellant rating on their hips. I would also look for heart and eye cerfs as well. Next make sure these dogs are from hunting stock. If I hunted with labs, it would come from parents that have titles, certs, and a puppy guarantee. You can find all of this for a reasonable price. You lab guys are lucky! I hunt with boykins and they are twice as much.

    This place will be on the expensive side but good dogs.
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    I'll have to second Wareagle too. I got my pup from there and I have had quite a few over the years......she is hands down the best of the bunch.

    Like stated above don't buy one without a gaurantee or from parents that don't have good to excellent hips and eyes. You'll pay more on the front end but it will be well worth it in the long haul.:thumb:
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    try looking at Ive gotten two yellows from the same parents and they are great. They have a litter of Choc right now I think. All registered with papers and shots.
    I have mine trained between 5 and 6 months